Heritage Home Gets A Bold, Contemporary Extension

Built among a row of Federation residences in Australia, this house is unlike its neighbors, featuring a bold, contemporary extension at the back. But the front and the back of the house don’t clash or contrast. On the contrary, there’s a seamless flow between the spaces.

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A somewhat small swimming pool complements the residence, occupying most of the backyard space. The combination was intentional. The LSA Architects & Interior Design team wanted a strong cohesion throughout, with spaces and features that communicate with ease and with a strong indoor-outdoor connection.

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The heritage facade and the formal garden areas maintain the aspect of the residence in sink with the surroundings. But the house slowly opens to reveal a more modern and playful side which culminates with the curvaceous rear addition.

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The extension contains the family area and it seamlessly communicates with the pool and the outdoor areas. The dining space and the outdoor sitting area are enveloped in a thick shell with soft, curving lines which offer them privacy and protection from the elements while also maintaining continuity between the contrasting styles, the various spaces and the large open areas.

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Comparing the differences in styles between the front and the rear of the house, the contrast is striking. The entrance introduces the guests into a charming, traditional ambiance, with elegant and delicate molding, stained glass on the door and window, classy golden accents and dark-stained, stylish accent furniture.

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The décor gradually changes. The bedroom maintains most of the traditional characteristics which closely link it to the facade and the entrance in terms of design. But, at the same time, the warm gray featured on the walls and carpet flooring introduces a subtle modern vibe.

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As far as the rest of the residence is concerned, the décor is mostly modern with occasional classic touches. The architects of LSA celebrate individuality and so they tried to make this project unique, just like every other. In other words, the interior is molded after the client’s needs, lifestyle and ideas. Designed for a professional chef and his family, the home features the kitchen at its center.

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In here, a marble island takes center stage, coordinating with the matching backsplash. The furniture is white and reaches the ceiling, offering ample storage space and a minimalist décor is emphasized this way. Only the marble countertop breaks the monotony a little bit. The counter stools are just as simple with black seats for a clean and classy contrast.

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The dark-stained wooden floor adds warmth and texture to the space and, at the same time, it delimitates this area from the rest of the social spaces. Actually, the kitchen is in a way composed of two spaces, one being the actual workspace and the other featuring the island.

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The living area, the dining space, the outdoor entertainment spaces, the pool and the garden are organized around the kitchen. They communicate with each other seamlessly but, at the same time, they are independent and this detail is shows through a series of subtle elements such as the colors, finishes and glass partitions.

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Floor-to-ceiling glass walls open the social indoor areas to the exterior, offering views of the pool, garden and the other entertainment spaces. We particularly enjoy the combination of colors used in here. The way the white complements the dark chocolate brown and the way the wood infuses the open spaces with warm and elegance is really wonderful.

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The actual living space is the most amazing area, with expansive views and an overall really open look throughout. The glossy furniture, the comfortable but stylish sectional, the chic coffee table and everything else is in harmony, balancing each other through texture and form.

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The bathroom color scheme is really pleasant as well. In addition, there’s a really beautiful blend of textures here. The marble counter, the stone floor tiles and the smooth and minimalist white fixtures are all in perfect harmony.

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Cohesion was maintained throughout. For example, the marble counters are found in both bathroom areas as well as in the kitchen and the earthy colors and natural textures are employed throughout the residence.

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