Coffee Station Ideas To Recharge Your Living Space

Until you have a coffee station, you can’t say you’re a java lover. It’s one thing to like coffee or espresso, but another when you have a designated coffee station. Such a concept is what most would call “next level” and a win win.

Anyone can have a cup of joe in their own home, but not everyone can make their morning java in a coffee station. If it sounds impossible, we’re here to let you know  it isn’t.

We’ll show a few home DIY coffee station ideas that are easy to include in your living space. After we’ve finished, you’ll have enough inspiration to include a coffee nook in your home or apartment. 

Stylish Coffee Station Ideas For 2022

You’ll like the following coffee station designs. Take your inspiration however you can get it. You deserve your own coffee station. 

Coffee Bar Cart

coffee station ideas

This is an example of a DIY coffee station. There’s nothing more to it than that. If you don’t have an old cart, chances are you can find one at a nearby flea market or antique store. This will give you plenty of room for a small coffee maker and a place to store mugs and tea bags.

Build a cart from scratch with the design featured on heywandererblog

Shabby Chic Coffee Nook

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

If you can find a good spot for it, a little coffee bar could look beautiful in your home. When you have a functional coffee station, you won’t have the urge to waste your money on buying coffee at a local cafe. If you don’t like black and white, try different colors. 

You can transform part of your kitchen or dining area, but you can also think outside the box. Set up your java bar in that perfect place for drinking coffee.

The design featured on junkchiccottage has a shabby chic aesthetic. It has little accessories and decorations that give it plenty of character in so many ways.

Hanging Mugs

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

If you don’t have too much space, a wall rack to can hang coffee cups would be enough to create a coffee station feel with reclaimed wood. This decor piece is what you’d find in coffee shops. There’s no reason why you couldn’t include it in your home.

When you make your coffee at home, nothing else matters. Enjoy that perfect blend in the comfort of your home. You could also build a DIY coffee table or put a new top on a small cupboard to create a coffee bar. For this edition, use reclaimed wood to add a wall decoration like this great example featured on funkyjunkinteriors.

Wall Space

You can also make the coffee station a part of the kitchen.

You can also make the coffee station a part of the kitchen. A corner area would be the best location for this setup. Open shelving for your coffee supplies would give your kitchen style a jolt. The art of coffee making is more enjoyable when you have the right tools.

You can screw hooks in the bottom of a shelf so you can hang your coffee cups on them which would be a great option for your kitchen. The coffee maker can sit on the counter. We found this idea on crazymaryrevista.

Espresso Machine Nook

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

As they say, it’s all about the little details, and coffee stations are no exception. Add to a coffee station to give it more character. For example, consider a small plant for wall decor. You could also have a private compartment for your gourmet coffee beans and Ethiopian cinnamon spice for your hot chocolate.  

You could also decorate your coffee station with storage containers to hold things like coffee beans, sugar, stirring spoons, marshmallows, and whatever else you like to add to your coffee. Check out this setup from onlydecolove for a few more inspiring ideas.

Living Room Coffee Cart

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A stationary coffee cart is also excellent for setting up a coffee station. There are plenty of affordable ones out there that would be right. You could spend some time decorating the cart, applying a fresh coat of paint, or adding handles.

Most homes don’t have coffee stations, and that’s too bad. There are plenty of good places for a bar station in your home. Pick one side that makes sense and looks nice as well. For further clarity, check out dreamgreendiy.

Coffee Shelf

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

If you have a small kitchen it might be worth moving all the coffee-related items somewhere else. Designate a separate area and create additional counter space. Your coffee maker and cups can have their own place on a sideboard or a small table.

You could even decorate the area around the coffee station with some framed pictures to make it more charming and inviting. If you’re serious about a dedicated coffee space, check out bakedbree.

DIY Coffee Cart

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A wooden sign can fit marvelously in your coffee corner and its role can be more than just decorative. You can have hooks attached to it so you can hang cups and other things to free up space on the counter or create a cozy decor. With this setup, you can display your favorite mugs.

You’re wondering where you could find a sign like the one featured on funkyjunkinteriors

Mobile Coffee Cart

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A coffee station can also become a part of a work environment which makes total sense. This can be a super simple addition that you can make to your workspace and it doesn’t need to be a big space.

Find an empty corner and put it to good use. For added flexibility and versatility, go for a coffee cart with caster wheels like this one you can check out on abeautifulmess.

Corner Coffee Station

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

There are enough elements to make a coffee station more interesting. An idea that comes from themerrythought is to include a concrete top. Another thing to consider is for your coffee station to be made of dark wood. Notice here how it complements the flooring.

This is something that you can do yourself from scratch. Pair the top with a small table or a little bookcase or cupboard. Concrete goes well with wood and with a lot of different styles.

Coffee Station Design Ideas

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A beautiful coffee bar can make a statement. You don’t want your coffee station to be out in the open at all times, it’s easy to have it hidden or disguised as a part of the room’s furniture. For those who have a French press, this cabinet space offers plenty of room.

The placement of the station is quite important in this context and this is a nice example of a way to integrate this feature into an open space social area.

Fully Stacked Coffee Bar

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A home coffee station can also become a part of a more complex kitchen setup. This traditional design by Echelon Custom Homes is compact but includes different elements like a sink, drawers, countertop, microwave, and a small TV.

For some reason, life is better when you have a place for your coffee mugs, espresso cups, and coffee pot. It’s the perfect spot for a coffee station.

Hidden Coffee Station

Coffee stations

Coffee stations and pocket doors go hand in hand. Pocket doors are practical in small spaces and they’re also good in this situation because you can leave them open without them being in the way as you’re taking the time to prepare your coffee.

This kitchen by studio Brayer Design is also inspiring in other ways.

Accent Wall Coffee Corner

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

A great spot for a coffee station could be an outer corner or a transitional area. A nice example is this kitchen remodel by studio ReVision Design. This coffee station is outside of the kitchen but it’s designed in the same style for a nice transition. In this example, the coffee station is the focal point. 

Built In Cabinets

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

Studio LGB Interiors came up with a good way of turning a cabinet area into a coffee station in this kitchen without wasting any space. Also, the station can remain hidden when not in use.

The coffee maker has its own dedicated spot on a pull-out shelf concealed behind a cabinet door and all the supplies are organized in a drawer next to it.

Hidden Gem

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

This clever example has all the essentials. It’s a super simple appliance garage storage. It’s part of a kitchen designed by studio Redstart Construction and it’s practical thanks to the pull-out shelf which makes it easier to use by taking it out of the cupboard.

Countertop Space

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

In this modern kitchen designed by studio Naples ReDevelopment the coffee maker was built into the furniture. A kitchen coffee station doesn’t have to be elaborate. The pull-out drawer right underneath is perfect for storing all the coffee-related supplies and the space on top is ideal for keeping all the cups in.

Kitchen Cabinets

Wilmington Court Coffee Bar Open

If you have unused kitchen cabinets, then turn them into  one designated space for coffee lovers. Some design ideas are easy to adapt and apply in diverse situations. For instance, this coffee station design by architect Paul N. Brow can fit well in most types of kitchens regardless of layout. The pocket doors are a key factor here.


What Are Some Coffee Bar Cart Ideas?

You can make a cool coffee bar cart with the toys your children have outgrown. If they have old pairs of rollerskates, use those for your wheels. Next, empty a wooden toy chest and stand it on its side. Nail the old roller skates underneath the toy chest, and you’ll be mobile You can push the DIY coffee cart anywhere you want. 

What Are Some Coffee Bar Ideas For A Party?

Convert a bicycle into a coffee bar. All you need is a big square wood board and a few cinder blocks. Attach the board to the top of the bicycle so that’s covered. Make sure it’s even. The cinder blocks will keep your bike secure and balanced.

What Are Some Farmhouse Bar Ideas?

One easy idea is with a weathered wood accent shelf. This traditional farmhouse open shelving rack will offer space for a small espresso machine and coffee cups.

What Are Some Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces?

Turn your unused closet space into a makeshift coffee bar station. You’re not using the space, so why turn it intoa a separate coffee bar space with a door? You can use the close space to store your coffee supplies and espresso machine, for example.

Coffee Station Ideas Conclusion

If you have an espresso maker, then you need a place to put it. A coffee station offers a designated place for a caffeine fix and related accessories. Often, a coffee cabinet isn’t enough. If you have a family, you’re not the only one who enjoys coffee or other related beverages. Either way, don’t be afraid to tap into your inner coffee lover.

As you’ve seen here, a home coffee station has many advantages such as being compact, mobile, and versatile as well as offering plenty of storage for all your coffee-related supplies like the actual coffee maker, your favorite cups, sugar, and other coffee essentials.