Pretty Christmas Dining Table Decor From Scratch

Christmas is a time to show your best table decor skills, so whether you are crazy for interior styling or not, you will need to take care of that (unless, somebody else who spends Holiday with you, will be willing to do it!).

Christmas Table Setting

A beautifully decorated table doesn’t always mean expensive china, crystal glassware and golden napkin rings – it is possible to be stylish without spending a fortune. In fact, I prefer budget friendly solutions, so today I will show you a quick, yet pretty idea – how to set your table for arrival of your guests. This year, I decided to skip the traditional color combination and go for a more natural look including spruce, wood and brass accents, exposed on a white background.


Christmas Table Setting Decor

To make this DIY setting, you will need:

  • wooden ring
  • brass ring
  • metal wire
  • a tiny twig

To create this look for your Christmas table follow these few simple tips:

1. Go for a clean base – natural elements will pop on a white table cloth – making the final look elegant and stylish.

2. Think of a centerpiece – it doesn’t have to be fancy, I placed a few spruce twigs inside the white vase to add a bit of interest to the table.

3. Add related decorations – in this case I used brass Christmas mobile and a pine cone – both spray painted in gold finish to match my color palette. You can use candle holders, or anything else that will go with your main theme.

4. Place setting – I have added a little decoration for the guests, which they can take home after the party.

Christmas Table Setting With Wooden Ring

Then simply wrap around all three elements and place in each plate, on top of a napkin. If you are wondering where to get wooden and brass rings, here’s a little secret – those are actually curtain rings, that you can get from your local hardware store.

Christmas Table Setting - Vases and serving plates

5. Add vases and serving plates – use pottery and glassware to match the style – I went for a simple white plates and glasses. The only unique element is the DIY design serving bowl I made earlier.

Christmas Table Setting - center of a scene

6. Think about the table as a center of a scene, not a scene alone – decorate also around it, for example by adding a Christmas chandelier above. You can see a step by step tutorial in my post list.

Christmas Table Setting - Chandelier above

Remember to be creative and have fun styling your table and I’m sure you will WOW your guests with your personal style!

Christmas Table Setting - Touch of Green

So how do you like it? Is your kind of Christmas table?

I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays, a beautiful and relaxed time, spent with your family and friends!