Christmas Door Decorations Start The Winter Celebrations Early

With so many things to take care of right now, it’s hard to even decide where to start from. Christmas decorating is fun but definitely not easy especially if you plan to try a DIY approach for the entire house. We’ll try to make things a little bit easier. Start with the front door and hang a nice wreath or some other decoration on it so everyone can feel welcome in your home.

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Is there any snow around your home? If so, you could decorate the door with a white wreath decorated with tiny houses so it looks like a miniature village. Start with a white wreath and some white bottlebrush trees, floral stems, mini house ornaments, some paint and a glue gun. Check the instructions on Prettylifegirls and get to work.

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You could also capture the magic of Christmas with a wreath made of ball ornaments. You’ll need a wreath form, some tinsel garland, mini disco ball ornaments and a hot glue gun. After you wrap the garland around the wreath, start gluing the ornaments on. Give the wreath a nice full look. {found on abeautifulmess}.

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But perhaps you’d like something a little bit greener and fresher. In this case, you should have a look at the project featured on Threadsandblooms. The wreath described here is made of a mixture of pine, spruce and cedar but you can create your own version based on what’s available. You’ll also need some ribbon for hanging and some holly berries and pinecones to use as decorations.

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Not a big fan of traditional wreaths? Maybe you’d like a more modern and simplified version like the one on Fallfordiy. It’s a really easy to make wreath for which you only need three branch sticks, some greens and thread or wire. Strip the bark from the branches and lay them in a triangle. Wrap the ends with wire and then place your foliage in the bottom right corner.

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Another really simple and stylish design for a modern wreath is described on Ohohblog. This time the supplies include a small embroidery hoop, some faux tree branches, copper spray paint, ribbon or thread and a few small ornaments. After you spray paint the hoop you can attach the branches on the lower half using glue or thread. Then add the ornaments and hang the wreath with ribbon.

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Not all wreaths are round and not all door ornaments are wreaths. So if you want to try something different and to keep things simple and casual, you could just tie some evergreen branches in a bouquet, add some ornaments and hang the whole thing upside down on your front door. Find out a bit more about the project on Allparenting.

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Add a touch of Christmas magic to your door décor this year and display a sleigh bell set on the front door. You can complement the bells with a few Christmas tree branches decorated with pinecones and a bit bow. You can hang everything from the door knocker. It’s a suggestion that comes from Etsy.

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Moss letters are a pretty stylish option as well. You can use them to welcome everyone with a joyful message this Christmas. The inspiration for this idea comes from Knockoffdecor. The project starts with wooden letters. You’ll need a J, an O and a Y. You’ll have to paint them green and then to cover their front part with moss.

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You could also simplify things a little bit and just apply a decal of the door that says ”Merry Christmas”. You can also display the decal on the window or pretty much anywhere else if you think it would look lovely. It adds a warm and welcoming touch to the home and it’s also accessible and budget-friendly. {found on etsy}.

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If you’re a fan of all things cute, check out this elf wall ornament that we found on Etsy. It comes with presents and other cute little decorations. It’s a decoration that will definitely spread some cheer this Christmas. You can use this as inspiration for your own themed door décor.

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The citrus wheel ornaments featured on Evermine are quite versatile and can be displayed in a lot of fresh and interesting ways. Use them as decorations for a door wreath or hang them in your Christmas tree. They’ll give out a nice smell and they’ll also look unique. To make them, you need citrus fruits, a dehydrator, liquid interior varnish and some twine.

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Another really cute and versatile ornament idea is featured on Adelerotella. It looks like a Christmas tree decorated with stars and to make something similar you can use branches, string, cardboard, wrapping paper, red fabric, ribbon and some glue. First arrange the branches in the shape of a tree and then tie them with string. Add the stars and then the red tip.

Adorable Woodland Inspired Advent Calendar using an over-the-door organizer. livelaughrowe.comView in gallery

For the interior doors you can something different: an advent calendar. It can be made from a repurposed shoe storage rack. Puts tags and numbers on the pockets and fill them with treats and small presents. Add some color with ornaments and be creative. You can find a few ingenious and fun ideas on Livelaughrowe.