A Dozen Cool Ways To Bring Purple Into Your Home

The purple color has a mysterious and sophisticated vibe, sometimes with delicate and bohemian undertones and sometimes with a very rich allure. Naturally, when you like a particular color you want to bring it into your life, to decorate your home with it and to proudly display it so let’s check out some of the most efficient and most enjoyable ways in which you can use shades of purple to personalize and decorate a space. If you like a particular idea but you’re not that crazy about the color used, keep in mind it’s all customizable.

Paint the interior walls

Teenage purple girl roomView in gallery

Soft pastel purple gives the walls of this bedroom a fresh and feminine vibe and with the lights on the color becomes warmer, getting this lovely pinkish hue which is otherwise reiterated throughout the room in a variety of forms, including an area rug featuring a geometric pattern. This is a space designed by studio Charleston.

Hang purple curtains

Living room with modern furniture and purple curtainsView in gallery

If you’d rather not paint the walls purple since that’s a pretty permanent thing to do,  another option is to hang purple curtains. This way you can still put this beautiful color on display in a way that stands out but you can keep your walls neutral in case you want to change the decor at one time. Check out how lovely these light purple curtains are framing this chic living room sofa. It’s a design created by Jan Hiltz Interiors.

Purple wallpaper

Modern purple wallpaper with large stripsView in gallery

Wallpaper in general is great if you want to have an accent wall, one which contrasts with the adjacent surfaces and which stands out. A bold color such as this deep purple shade can definitely help you achieve that. The geometric pattern further helps to emphasize this section of the living room. We should also mention the bright orange and red furniture which brings out the beauty of the purple wall even more. This is a design put together by Christen Interiors.

Purple kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in purpleView in gallery

Colored cabinets are a cool way to personalize a kitchen. You don’t have to choose a crazy color to make that happen. Any color can work in the right context. Purple, for example, has a lot of potential. A light lavender shade can make the kitchen look delicate and breezy, a rich purple shade can give it a funky vibe and a dark nuance can create a sophisticated and mysterious decor. Check out this elegant decor created by Lenton.

Purple sofa

Purple upholstered l shaped small sofaView in gallery

Brighten up your living room with a purple sofa and let this become the focal point of this space. This lavender shade really brings out the beauty in this space and brightens up the room in a stylish and sophisticated way. The bright orange accents and the dark and neutral elements help to balance out the decor in a cool and pleasant way. This is a setup designed by studio Zulufish.

Purple pillows

Modern bedroom with purple accent pillowsView in gallery

Of course, if you’d rather not repaint your walls or invest in new furniture, there are plenty of other ways to bring purple into your home. For example, a very simple idea is to add some purple pillows to your bedroom or sofa and that will instantly change the decor and the ambiance in the room. You can look for inspiration is this design created by studio AT6.

Purple clawfoot bathtub

Modern bedroom with purple accent pillowsView in gallery

In a space such as the bathroom your options are quite limited but you can still bring your favorite shade of purple into this room in a super cool and stylish way. Check out how amazing this purple clawfoot tub is. It stands out and serves as a focal point for the space and its design and color go really well with the overall style of the room. Check out Ripples for more inspiring tub designs.

Purple lampshades

Lampshade bedroom lamps in purpleView in gallery

Colored lampshades also have the ability to change the decor and the ambiance of a room, especially when the overall interior design is simple and based on neutral colors. You can add purple lampshades to the bedroom as a way to complement a cozy decor or to emphasize a certain chromatic palette.

Canvas art

Canvas wall art in purpleView in gallery

Another stylish way to add a particular color to your home is through artwork. Abstract paintings are very efficient in this sense. Use canvas art to create visual points and to highlight certain areas. It’s a great strategy which works for minimalist, neutral spaces such as this one.

Colored dining chairs

Purple wood dining chairsView in gallery

A cool way to create a fun and playful vibe in the dining room is by surrounding the table with chairs either in a single eye-catching colors or in a variety of colors or different shades of the same one. Either way, if you like purple this is the perfect opportunity to bring it in to the living room without making it seem mainstream. This space by Nexus Designs can be your inspiration source.

Paint the exterior walls

House color - how to paint a purple houseView in gallery

Of all the different house colors, purple would have to be one of the least common ones. Rather than letting this detail intimidate you and make you change your mind, this of it as an opportunity to express your unique style and to let your house stand out in a sophisticated and modern manner. This color could also define your home’s interior, although that’s not necessarily a rule you should feel compelled to follow. Check out this project by SMB Inteiror Design for inspiration.

A purple front door

Front door painted in purpleView in gallery

If you like the idea of a house exterior that has character, of a unique design expressed through color, there are also less dramatic ways in which you can achieve that other than painting the exterior walls. For example, you could paint the front door as a way to increase your home’s curb appeal. This purple pivot door definitely has a lot of character. This is a project completed by RDK Design. Feel free to replace this lovely shade of purple with your own favorite nuance.