Benjamin Moore Sea Salt: The Light Gray Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt is a standout in the multitude of greige paint colors because it is so soft and versatile. It fits with any type of decor and can go with the flow of your decor changes.

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt

What color is Benjamin Moore Sea Salt?

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt is a greige paint that looks a little like a warm gray. It’s neutral and can work with all sorts of decor. You can pait it with a neutral color choice or a bold one.

A versatile paint color, Benjamin Moore’s Sea Salt CSP 95 has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 61. The LRV scale runs from 10 to 100 with the brightest white ranking 100.

At the other end, absolute black is 0. The higher the number, the more light the paint reflects.

At 61, Sea Salt paint is a little brighter than mid-range.

Simple Undertones

Simple Undertones

The underlying colors in this wall paint color are not complicated and include a little bit of brown. Some lighting can create the illusion that it has a touch of green.

In a room with with lots of sunlight or in south-facing rooms, Benjamin Moore Sea Salt can look like a shade of off-white with just a whisper of brown or gray.

North-facing rooms can make it seem more gray.

In fact, this paint color can look warm or cool depending on the lighting and decor around the walls.

The overall vibe of the paint color is soothing like a relaxing spa massage. That’s one of the reasons it is popular.

Complementary Paint Colors

Complementary Paint Colors

When it comes to complementary colors for BM Sea Salt, Benjamin Moore has several suggestions.

For a white match, consider Chantilly Lace OC-65 and for a lighter greige, Grandma’s China CSP-365.

A great dark pairing is Lush AF-475, a darker, lush and muted green. For a gray match, chose Arctic Seal CSP-15.

Other colors that go well with BM Sea Salt are various shades of blue.

Sea Salt Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sea Salt Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

The names may be the same but these two colors are not. Sea Salt Benjamin Moore is a versatile greige that does not have strong undertones.

On the other hand, SW Sea Salt is a popular color that is green gray with greenish-blue complicated undertones.

It can sometimes look quite green, which the Benjamin Moore paint color will not do.

How To Use This Versatile Paint Color

Since Benjamin Moore Sea Salt can go warm or cool, it works in any space, from living rooms to laundry rooms.

It can also look different in certain lighting situations, so be sure to test samples of the paint colors.

Now, check out these examples of how homeowners and designers are painting with this great wall color.

Casual Neutral Color

Casual Neutral Color
Sarah Sabella

At its most basic, Sea Salt is a greige that can go throughout the home. Use it on walls as a neutral background to decor.

Whether you have a neutral palette or something a little bolder, this will work.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room
west & co.

Here’s the utilitarian side of Sea Salt. The soft gray undertone in the greige shows up in a laundry room that has a neutral palette.

It’s a clean look and the white appliances and off-white cabinets.

Shiplap Option

Shiplap Option

Since BM Sea Salt can look almost off-white in spaces with lot of natural light, it can be a good choice for shiplap.

A bedroom with bright daylight shows how creamy it can look. You can still see the hint of light greige in the shadowed parts of the wall.

Classic Bathroom

Classic Bathroom

Here’s another time when Sea Salt Benjamin Moore works as the perfect neutral with little gray evident.

Well-suited for a timeless bathroom look, the wall color is clean and soft.

I` t’s also ideal for high humidity environments because water splashes won’t show like they do on dark wall paint.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style

Serenity in the master bedroom is just a paint can away. Sea Salt creates a soothing mood in this farmhouse bedroom.

Comfortable and casual, the light in the room lets the gray in the color show more.

Contemporary Dining Rooms

Contemporary Dining Rooms
Benjamin Moore UAE

Look at how different this Benjamin Moore paint color looks here. In the previous examples, the color trended gray or lighter.

In this dining room, the quality of light and surrounding decor bring out the brown in the paint. You can expect beautiful results like these when you match the paint with warm accent colors.


J&L Designs

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt also gives kitchen cabinets a fresh look.

Because it’s slightly gray, the color makes cabinetry and built-ins versatile for decorating. Here, the color tends to take on a cool tone.

Kitchen Pretty

Kitchen Pretty
Donyea “Star*” Tollie

Kitchens that have a mix of neutrals are a good place for Benjamin Moore Sea Salt paint.

The color can ten to look warm or cool, so it pulls together any varying hues. It brings together all the various elements in this kitchen into a stylish room.

Calming Bathroom

Calming Bathroom
Turk Interiors design studio

Bathrooms are an ideal place for walls or cabinets painted with Sea Salt. Good light and neutral surroundings make this color look more like a greige hue reminiscent of sand.

Gold or brass hardware helps pull out the warm note in the paint.

High Contrast

High Contrast
The Paint Tipster

So far, you can see that people tend to use Sea Salt as one of many neutral in rooms. The beauty is that it also works well for high contrast in a space.

Paired with dark blue, Benjamin Moore Sea Salt looks like a cool white with a hint of gray. A paint color like this is a sifter match than a pure white option.

Whole House Neutral

Whole House Neutral
Conrad Brothers of Idaho

A little rustic, a little farmhouse, the style of this home is a good place for Sea Salt as a paint color for your whole interior.

Varied lighting and wall angles bring out the different undertones of the paint, from warm gray to a hint of brown. Richer hues bring out the warmer side of the paint color.

A Gentle Accent

A Gentle Accent
Mariah White

With such a soft look, it can be hard to imagine Sea Salt as an accent color. In fact, this hue is a workable option for farmhouse-style homes lke this one.

An entry way gets a boost by paring the interior side of the door with Sea Salt.

It fits the gentle vibe but is also a bit of added color that freshens the space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Benjamin Moore Sea Salt gray?

Sea Salt from Benjamin Moore is indeed a light gray that trends warm most of the time. Different kinds of light will make it appear anywhere from light gray to a shade of white with a subtle brownish tone.

Are Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Benjamin Moore the same?

It can be confusing when two paint colors have the same name and are very different. BM Sea Salt is a warm gray or greige color. On the other hand, the Sherwin Williams paint is a blue gray or a green gray with blue undertones. In any case, they are not at all alike.

Do bold colors go with Sea Salt from Benjamin Moore?

Dark blue or muted green paint is a perfect match with Sea Salt. These will bring out the cooler side of the paint. On the other hand, deeper hues of mustand or terra cotta can highlight the warmth in the paint.

Can other gray colors go with Sea Salt?

Darker gray hues are the best match for walls painted Sea Salt. Because of the warm undertones, other light gray colors can be more difficult to use.

Does Sea Salt go with white trim?

Yes it does. You can pair this greige color with pure white trim details, base moldings and window frames. Benjamin Moore also recommends Chantilly Lace as a good match. It is bright with an LRV of 90, however, it has undertones that are cool gray and subtle blue.

Is Benjamin Moore Sea Salt popular?

Sea Salt is a well-used color but it is not as popular as the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color by a long shot.

Coastal and beach style decor is popular, as is farmhouse. The Sherwin Williams version of Sea Salt is a great match for these styles. Because of this, Sea Salt is one of the company;’s most popular shades of paint.


Depending on the look you are going for, Benjamin Moore Sea Salt can be a great addition to the neutral palette in a room or whole-house wall color. It can be easy to decorate around so if you lie to change things up, Sea Salt could be a good choice. Sample some and see how it looks in your own home.