Bakers Sto ‘N Go Food Storage

It’s very important to have the necessary tools exactly when you need them. And you usually don’t . That’s when you decide to buy the thing you need at that moment and treasure it forever. For example you may sometimes go on trips or hiking in the woods, go out for a picnic or any other similar activity that requires your careful packing and carrying the food you will eat. And unless you are satisfied with cold sandwiches wrapped in paper, you will certainly love and use this item: the Bakers Sto ‘N Go Food Storage.

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This item is perfect for both storing and transporting food without any damage. It is, as you can see from the picture, made of plastic and has a very nice and useful handle. This way you can carry it easily. The lid is on the side and is black in colour and also inside you can see three small trays that allow you to place the food without getting rolled over and smashed to the box walls.  The tray and the handle, too, are adjustable and you can use them only if you need them. The item is FDA approved and made in USA. It is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave and you can have it now for $19.95.