How To Give Character To A Bedroom With A Painting Over The Bed

The bedroom is the most intimate and most personal room in the house so anything you choose to display there should pretty much a reflection of yourself. There are a lot of cool painting ideas you can try as well as numerous other things you can try. A really great way to personalize this space is with a painting displayed above the bed. You won’t get to look at it while you’re in bed but it will be a big part of the overall décor.

White bedroom with gold framed art above the bed

A big painting above the bed can be the focal point of the bedroom. You can use this strategy to your advantage if you want keep all the room simple and neutral but, at the same time, you don’t want it to look boring.

Accent colors bedroom with bed placed between windows

The painting can incorporate the accent colors you want to use in the room and it can be a defining element for the color palette. In a case like this an abstract painting is often chosen.

Modern leather bed with painting over it

Of course, the painting doesn’t necessarily have to be a focal point for the room. You can choose to simply make it an accessory and do draw attention to other elements in the room. This can be done by using color and strong contrasts in particular.{found on iredzine}.

Match the painting with carpet

You can use a painting to brighten up the room or to draw the eye upward. This is a chic example of how the right painting can complement a dark accent wall without being too dramatic or too simple.{found on panotonic}.

Blue walls bedroom with colorful large art

This large painting is simple and quirky and proposes a set of accent colors which are reiterated throughout the room in one way or another. The blue is featured on the pillows and bench seat, the green on the bench at the end of the bed and the pink is a subtle floral accent on the nightstand.{found on marieburgosdesign}.

painting often matches the curtains

Usually, paintings are added to a room’s décor as a way to introduce an accent color or to harmonize the chromatic palette already existing in that space. In bedrooms, the painting often matches the curtains, rug or some other feature.{found on nanettewong}.

Fresh touch to a bedroom with a green painting

It’s also possible for a painting to add a new and fresh color to the palette. This one introduces shades or green and turquoise which complement the room beautifully considering its existing color palette.{found on dwellingdesigns}.

Colorful art above the bed

But what if you have a lot of different favorite colors, all of which would look beautiful above the bed? Well, perhaps you can display them like this. It’s an eye-catching mix of both colors and patterns.{found on susanlachance}.

tranquil and relaxed bedroom design

Use a painting to induce a certain ambiance in the room. For example, if you want your bedroom to be tranquil and relaxing, display an image of the sea or the sky above the bed. The colors and the image will have the desired effect.{found on tranquil}.

Solid wood bedroom furniture and wall art above it

A similar idea can be used in the case of a bedroom with a beach-inspired interior décor. You can emphasize the theme with a driftwood headboard and a color palette based on lots of white with some blue and natural wood accents.{found on stelleco}.

Abstract canvas art above the bed

An eclectic bedroom can be infused with a lot of different colors. The painting over the bed can be one of the focal points. Another one can be a gallery wall covered with mirrors and artwork or the makeup vanity area.

Abstract paintings for bedroom

Abstract paintings integrate well in modern and contemporary interiors. They coordinate well with minimalist bedroom interiors or with bedrooms that have minimal color palettes based on white, black, grays and other neutrals.{found on momentonline}.

Use painting to establish balance of room

Use a painting to establish balance between the colors used in the room. For example, this abstract painting introduces a warm shade of pink which in combination with the yellows and the grays manages to set a pleasant and cheerful mood.

Monochromatic painting above the bed

There’s also the option to display a painting that naturally blends in by featuring the same colors and lines as the furniture in the bedroom. This is one of the best examples we could find. Everything about this image is harmonious with a subtle hint of drama.

Color block above the bed

Modern interior designs often use colors in big blocks. This way they have a bigger visual impact on the overall décor and they also get to contribute more to the color palette.

Cool bedroom view

In this case, the painting above the bed adds warmth to the room. It seems to coordinate with the wooden flooring and to the cover lighting in the ceiling. It sets a nice balance considering the strong blue accents that are also part of the décor.{found on davidbrandsen}.

Bedroom walls decorated with canvas art

This bedroom has two paintings that contribute to its sophisticated look and a minimalist color palette. One continues on the same note as most of the décor while the other offers a burst of color that brightens up the space.

Connection between nature and interior

You can use a painting to establish a connection between the interior and the exterior and to connect the bedroom to the views. This room overlooks tall trees and vegetation and the painting reflects that through its colors and design.{found on nimmo}.

Fresh painting for bedroom

Similarly, this fresh painting displayed above the bed brings in some of the beauty displayed in nature, connecting the bedroom to its surroundings, to the views and to nature in general. The orange and green combination is very successful in this case.

Teenage bedroom featuring bold colors

It’s like everything inside this room comes from inside the painting. The colors are the main indicator. The shades of blue and brown seen there are iterated throughout the room in various ways.