19 DIY Home Projects For Pet Owners

Pet owners will do anything to please their four-legged friends. If you enjoy spoiling your pet and DIY projects, why not combine the two this year and make a new toy or item they’ll enjoy using every day.

DIY Home Projects For Pet Owners

All of these projects are fun and easy to complete and will make your pet so excited. So whether you need a new toy, bed, or feeder for your pet, keep reading to see our selection of simple DIY projects for pet owners.

19 DIY Projects for Your Pet – Choose From Toys, Beds, and Much More

1. Industrial Cat Bed Side Table

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Isoscella shows us how to make this unique side table project which doubles up as a new bed for your pet. You’ll love how versatile this project is, and it will look great in your living room. For anyone who struggles to find additional space in their home for their pet and its accessories, this makes good use of limited space. You’ll smile every time you see your pet pop its head through the table, and you can decorate the top of the table with plants or any other fun accessories you would like to decorate your living room.

2. An Upgraded IKEA Cat House

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

You’ll only need thirty minutes to complete this simple DIY project from Hunker, which uses the IKEA Lurvig cat house as its base. This is a really sturdy cat house that’s a popular purchase from the store and has a little scratch pad on the front. This project adds some much-needed color and character to the cat house and upgrades it to make a home fit for any cat. This will look great in any modern home or apartment, and your cat will love the upgrade to its pad this year.

3. DIY Raised Dog Feeder

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

By Brittany Goldwyn shares this modern dog bowl feeder that will make a neat addition to any modern home. Dog bowls and accessories can soon clutter up any house and are one of the biggest nuisances for pet owners. This DIY project is simple to build and makes a practical addition to any home. It’s ideal for beginner and intermediate DIYers, and you can paint or adorn the feeder in any way you like once the project is complete to fit with your home décor.

4. Sew Your Own Dog Bed

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Our dogs always need somewhere comfy to sleep at night, so how about trying this DIY dog bed project from Mary Martha Mama. This tutorial is designed for a small to medium dog, but of course, if your pet is smaller or bigger, just adjust the measurements accordingly. You’ll create a plush dog bed that your little one will love cuddling up in each night at bedtime. It’s super easy to make this bed, and you don’t need to be an experienced DIYer to enjoy doing this project. Of course, you can choose any color of fabric to suit your household décor or your pet’s personality, which makes this project all the more fun.

5. Stunning Cat House Side Table

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

This cat house side table will make a modern and stylish addition to any home. You’ll find this to be the ideal side table for your guest bedroom or spare room, and your cat will enjoy having a new home to explore. The hole for your cat just looks like a piece of modern design, and so visitors won’t even know the double purpose of this table. Decorate the top with plants, toys, or anything else you like to add a more homely feel to your room. By Brittany Goldwyn shares the full instructions for this DIY cat house side table.

6. DIY Mobile Dog Bowl Station

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

A Beautiful Mess shows us how to make this simple rolling tray that works as a dog bowl station. It’s perfect for adding to an apartment or room with limited space, and you can tuck it out of the way when not in use. A lot of people worry about knocking over water bottles, but you’ll not ever have to worry about this again when it’s rolled away. You can stain the tray any color you like to blend in with your home decor or floor and add any fun colored dog bowls for a pop of color.

7. A Hidden Doggy Door

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Use a spare kitchen cupboard as a hidden doggy door, as shown in this project by Cassandra Ann. Whichever room you put this in will soon become one of your dog’s favorite places in your home. It’s such a convenient place to add your dog’s hiding space, and you can hide it behind an island or other kitchen features. It’s a very inexpensive project in comparison to purchasing something similar. For anyone who is worried about their dog’s bed or accessories taking up lots of space in their home, this is a great way of making use of limited space in a house.

8. Food Containers

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

When you have more than one pet, you have to be organized, and you want to make sure they each have their own food and toys stored nicely. Here’s how you can make pet food containers. You need large tin cats, decorative paper, spray adhesive, scissors, black spray paint, clear contact paper, printouts, and two brass fasteners. First, spray paint the lid gloss black. Then cut the paper and attach it to the can with spray adhesive. Then place the label and push the brass fasteners through the holes you’ve made. {found on momtastic}.

9. A Modern Rainbow DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Shrimp Salad Circus shares this modern rainbow DIY cat scratchpad. Scratchpads can be a bit of an eyesore in some homes, but this arching rainbow is such a cute design that you won’t mind leaving it in your living room. Make sure you take the time to sand down the wooden base of the scratchpad. You won’t want to have any rough edges, as your little cats may get splinters, which is something we all want to avoid.

10. Laundry Room Pet Bed

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

You can give your pet their own cozy little spot underneath your laundry area, thanks to this fun project from The Bark. You’ll love not having your pet’s bed on the floor, as they have a dedicated space in the laundry room. You’ll also find this project provides you plenty of space and organization for your laundry, thanks to the colorful laundry hampers.

11. Modern Laundry Room Pet Bowl Storage

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

If you like to keep things neat and tidy in your home, check out this minimalistic laundry room idea from Hooked on Houses. It will keep your pet’s bowls hidden out of sight when they are not in use, yet they’ll be quick and easy to access in a rush. This would be perfect for anyone with a small home or apartment who is looking to keep items off the ground.

12. Doghouse with Deck

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Your dog won’t believe its luck when you make this doghouse with a deck for them. Jenwood House shares this DIY doghouse with a deck, which will create a full home for your dog. You can, of course, customize this to fit your dog’s needs, and they’ll love sitting outside on the deck and watching the world go by. There’s plenty of space for them to hide inside if it’s a hot day, and you can add toys or a bed in there for extra comfort. For the final finishing touch, paint this doghouse in any color of your choice to fit your garden’s style and design.

13. A Dog Wash

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Drews Home Team shows us this dream setup for a dog, which gives them a spa treatment in their home. If you find washing your dog is a struggle, you’ll find they are much more inclined to relax and enjoy the experience in this dedicated dog wash. Underneath the cabinet, you’ll also add a bed for them to relax. They’ll love the padded cabinet, which will soon become their new favorite place to chill out in your home. When you’ve been out and about for muddy walks, you’ll no longer have to worry about them traipsing their muddy paws throughout your home again.

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14. DIY Dog Crate Cover

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Heather’s Handmade Life offers us this crate cover that’s perfect for leaving your pet in when you leave the house. This project creates a removable wooden cover for the dog crate, which could be used instead of an end table in your living room. You’ll find that you save space in your home, as crates can often take up extra floor space in your house that you don’t have to spare. Add a lamp or any other decorations to the top of the crate and treat it just like any side table in your home.

15. No-Sew Pet Teepee Bed

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Your cat will absolutely adore their new teepee bed, and you’ll be relieved to know absolutely no sewing is involved in its creation. Coffee With Summer shares this simple project that will be a fun addition to any home and can be easily moved into a corner when it’s not in use. It’s a cozy and sheltered space for your pet and is light enough to move between rooms when needed. That means that whenever you switch rooms during the day, you can bring your kitty with you to hang out with you.

16. Upcycled Ombre DIY Dog Feeder

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

If you prefer to stick with simple and quick DIY projects, you’ll enjoy this upcycled ombre DIY dog feeder from Pretty Fluffy. You’ll barely need any materials for this project and will just use an old or new duckboard as the base, which will need sanding if it’s an old board. You can paint the feeder in your favorite color, and then you’ll just need some craft paint sealer to finish off the project.

17. Braided Rug

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Five Barks shares this colorful braided rug that is super quick and easy to make yet will add a bold splash of color to your home. You can make it in any color you like, and it’s the ideal place for your dog to rest after a busy day playing and exploring outdoors. The best thing about this project is that it uses old fabric scraps or clothing that has been worn out, so it’s recycling materials that otherwise would go to waste. Instead of putting clothing in the trash, you can give these materials a new lease of life and bring some joy into your dog’s life.

18. Pallet Dog House

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Dog houses can be extremely expensive to buy in pet stores, but instead, you can make a luxury pet home for your dog out of free wood pallets. This DIY tutorial shares the full instructions to create this dog home, and you’ll make it look smoother with a plywood overlay.

19. Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table

For anyone with a larger dog, you might find their kennel takes up a lot of space in your home. Ana White shares this stylish large wood pet kennel end table that doubles up as a space for your dog and a table to place anything you need in your living room. It creates a chic and modern addition to any home this year.

All of these DIY projects for your pets are easy and inexpensive to create. They will give so much joy to your pet, and your fur baby is sure to love their new home or accessory and will feel spoiled by your generosity when you make one of these projects for them this year.