Stylish Dog Beds For Pets With Class

How do you show your appreciation for your dog? Sure, going out and running free is usually fun for the both of you and those delicious treats can definitely make someone’s day but these are everyday things. Every once in a while, you want to do something special for your pet like maybe get them a new bed or a fancy new toy. Let’s focus on dog beds for now. The following designs are definitely some of the most stylish ones you can find not to mention that they’re really comfy too. They bring benefits for both the pet and the owner as they actually make the dog feel like a part of the family by offering them their own beautiful furniture that fits in rather than standing out in a kitschy and unappealing way.

Luxury Dog Snuggle Bed - Weave (4 Colours Available)View in gallery

Some dogs are used to having their own blanket that keeps them warm and lets them snuggle in bed when it’s cold outside. But a dog doesn’t know how to make their bed in the morning and they don’t have to because this Luxury Dog Snuggle Bed comes with a built-in blanket that always stays in place. The bed comes in four neutral and elegant colors and is lined with soft fleece fabric. The cover and the mattress are removable and washable.

Dedalo - Dog bedsView in gallery

A very stylish design is featured by the Dedalo dog bed. It measures 80cm x 80cm x 65cm and weighs 23 kg and is perfect for small and medium sized dogs. The spherical design features a series of cold-bent steel strips which overlap and give the bed a contemporary look. The outer shell and the legs are available in several different types of wood.

LaRotonda - Dog bedView in gallery

What’s fun about the Rotonda bed is that it gives the dogs several different openings through which to go in and out or to observe the surroundings, like we do when we’re looking out the window. The bed is made of high-strength marine ply and is coated with water-based paint. Both the inner and the outer cover are removable, washable and made of stain-resistant microfiber. This is a bed for medium sized dogs which can be accessorized on demand with integrated speakers, LED lighting and iPod connection.

Luxury curved leather bedView in gallery

If you want to treat your dog like a sir, then have a look at the Firenze bed. It definitely takes style and elegance to a whole new level. It’s a luxurious piece hanf crafted of steam-bent solid plywood and with walnut or olive feet which can be decorated on request with stones and ornaments. The faux leather upholstery has an exclusive look thanks to the button padding method. A microfiber cover is attached to the bed. This piece is for medium sized dogs.

Covo Dog Bed - WalnutView in gallery

Designed for small dogs, the Covo bed has a circular form and features a raised rear section which offers the dog a cozy space where they can feel safe and protected. The bed is made from bent walnut plywood and has a sturdy and extremely strong frame. It comes with a foam cushion that was specially designed to offer support for the dog’s spine while also being soft and cozy. The cover is removable and washable.

The Joey High Back BedView in gallery

The Joey high back bed comes in three different sizes, for small, medium and large sized dogs. It has a simple, mid century modern and very elegant design and is made of solid wood which can be walnut, oak or maple, depending on your preferences. The bed has a polyurethane finish and the cushion is made of water repellent fabric available in several different colors and prints.

Hepper Nest bedView in gallery

The design of the Hepper Nest bed speaks to both dogs and their owners. The shape of the bed is simple and perfect for curling up into for a nap while also looking elegant. The fleece liner makes the bed extra cozy and is attached to the bed in a way that allows you to easily clean it by giving it a shake or by putting it in the washing machine.

MILA puppy bed out of faux leatherView in gallery

If simplicity and elegance is high on your list of characteristics you’re looking for on a dog bed, you should definitely check out the Mila basket. It has a contemporary design featuring a stainless steel frame and rugged leather upholstery. It has a circular shape and comes with three cushions filled with latex, designed to offer support for the dog’s spine and joints while also offering a sense of being safe and cozy. The bed comes in two version: with real leather and faux leather upholstery.

Capello bed designView in gallery

As you can see, every bed is special, each focusing on different aspects. In the case of the Capello bed, cozyness and comfort are definitely very important. It’s actually a large cushion with a soft texture offered by the faux fur that covers it. A large zipper allows you to remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine along with the inner cushion if necessary. Although it may look like just a simple furry cushion, it was designed to offer great support for the dog, featuring a pre-formed hollow section in the middle meant to support the dog’s natural curved body.

Floating dog bedView in gallery

The modern waterproof version of the Sleepy dog bed from Cloud7 adds a really fun side to the regular version. In addition to keeping all the best features such as the high-quality design and simple but stylish look, this model allows the bed to be used outdoors in a lot of fun settings. In fact, by being completely waterproof, it can also be used as a float and can be placed in swimming pools or ponds. That sounds really relaxing and fun.

Acrylic bed for dogsView in gallery

Wowbow London is a luxury brand that specializes in offering pet owners stylish furniture for their pampered companions. Their products include the Mija dog bed which is crafted from 10 mm thick acrylic. They comes in three different sizes, small medium and large and have faux suede cushions filled with shredded memory foam. Both the frames and the cushions are available in a variety of different colors.