DIY Dog House Designs For Man’s Best Friend

Modern DIY dog house designs are catching on among US dog owners. Providing a backyard shelter for your dog is a daily responsibility. Traditional dog houses are outdated and do not offer the same protection for dogs as their modern counterparts.

DIY Dog House

Your dog deserves the best, and we know you already know this. Our objective is to show a variety of dog house designs are why they’re unique. If you want to show your pet how much you love them you can start by building a DIY dog house. 

US Dog Care: Facts And Statistics

To put things in perspective, we wanted to provide you with pertinent information on pet ownership.

Owning a dog is more important than you might think, and rightfully so. For many, a dog isn’t merely a pet, it’s a living and breathing member of their families.

Pet Insurance

Just like it is with every living member of your household, your dog needs insurance coverage.

US Pet Population: Homes Vs Shelters

In 2017, US animal shelters received 3.1 million dogs and 3.1 million cats every year. Fortunately, that number is lower today. However, shelters cannot care for every pet, which means over 900,000 pets are euthanized annually.

Yearly euthanization rate for dogs and cats in the US:

  • Dogs: 390,000 
  • Cats: 530,000 

How Many Pets Are In The US?

According to the American Pet Products Association (ASPCA), in the US, almost 80 million dogs and just over 85 million cats. What that translates into is almost 45 percent of US households have at least one canine and 35 percent own one feline.

  • According to the American Kennel Club,  the Labrador Retriever is a Top 10 most popular breed list for three decades, more than any other type of canine.

DIY Dog House Ideas For 2022

Created by our team of DIY experts, this list of dog house ideas features the latest doghouse styles.

Geometric Plywood Doghouse

DIY Dog House Plans

First, we’ll look at some dog house plans that can help you build something modern and fancy for your small apartment friend. It’s a geometric dog house made of plywood.

You can have it made specifically to the size of your dog so start by taking the measurements.

Since all the pieces have to fit together, like pieces of a 3D puzzle, it’s important to follow the instructions offered on homemade-modern as carefully as possible.

Gazebo Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

Medium-sized dogs and larger canines would prefer something like this example. You can find the plans for the dog gazebo on jenwoodhouse. Start with the floor and the frame and then add the horizontal wood slats to close off the gazebo on three sides.

The roof is added at the end. You can paint it or you can stain the wood if you want. When you’re done with this part, add the finishing touches such as a cute hanging tag with your dog’s name on it and a comfy floor mattress.

Backyard DIY Dog House 

DIY Wooden Dog House

When you build a doghouse in your backyard, your dog would be appreciative. Should you wish to move forward with that project, you’ll like the ideas featured on diygirlcave.  see the house has a cute little porch at the front and a pitched roof. It sits on wheels which means you can move it to clean up underneath.

Creative Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

When building a dog house you can get creative and repurpose some of the reclaimed wood you keep in your garage or even an old piece of furniture like a dining table for instance. That’s what happened here. This DIY dog house repurposed dining room table is from imgur

Modern Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

If you want something fancy like a modern dog house with a flat roof, front door, and even windows, check out these dog house plans that we found on modernbuilds. The house is big enough for two dogs or even an entire dog family.

Open Roof Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

On modernbuilds you’ll find a detailed tutorial on how to plan and build a modern dog house with a roof that swings open like the lid on a box. This DIY doghouse example is easy and charming.

It features a small porch and shade roof. It even has a porch light. That’s a practical detail which allows you to clean up the interior easily and also to make small repairs if necessary.

Green Roofed Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

How about something a bit more tropical and fresh, like a dog house with a lounge area and a green roof? You can find plans on imgur. It has a cozy sleeping nook with windows. 

Tiny Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

The tiny house craze has hit the dog world. Follow the instructions on handymantips to achieve a wholesome backyard setting for your dog. It looks just like the houses we draw as kids. 

Privacy Curtain

DIY Wooden Dog House

Dogs also need their privacy, therefore a privacy curtain is a practical addition to a dog house. Compared to a door, a privacy curtain is quiet. Check out the ideas we found on Iinstructables for more inspiration.

Sun Deck

DIY Wooden Dog House

Dogs enjoy spending time outside because natural light has a soothing quality and is healthy, dogs enjoy it too occasionally so building a dog house with a sun deck is a pretty cool idea. You can find plans for such a project on instructables. The house featured here is made of reclaimed pallets. 

Flat Roof Dog Houses

DIY Wooden Dog House

Dogs sometimes also like to climb on top of their little houses and enjoy lounging up there and observing everything that’s going on around them. This way there’s no need for a patio or a sun deck anymore. Check out these extravagant dog mansion plans from instructables if you’re interested in starting the project.

Tiny Ranch Doghouse

DIY Wooden Dog House

Before your small dog grows into a big one, build them a home that they could grow into  To see how easy it is, follow the instructions offered by Sunset. You could put the new dog house in your backyard or garden to keep it closer to your home. 

A-Frame Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

This is an A-frame dog house for which you can find the plans on instructables. It has a simple and easy-to-build design and it also seems to be insulated. If you like it you can put together something similar for your dog. You’ll need a bunch of screws and nails, a pack of asphalt/ fiberglass shingles, drip cap sections, OSB sheets, insulating foam board, and exterior paint.

Dog House Replicas

DIY Wooden Dog House

So your dog won’t feel disconnected, build a doghouse that resembles your home. Paint the exterior with the same colors as your home. You could use the plans from Buildsomething if you think this design would work for you. 

Double-Doors Doghouse

DIY Wooden Dog House

Instead of windows, this dog house has two doors. You can find the plans for it on intelligentdomestications. To make this doghouse you’ll need plywood, roofing felt, asphalt shingles, angled rafter hangers, adjustable angle brackets, screws, roofing tacks, and heat lamps with clamps. 

Little Beach House

DIY Wooden Dog House

Take your project to the next level by adding small details and decor. It has a sandy front yard, cute paintings and artwork on the interior walls, and even exposed wood trusses on the ceiling. The colors are also vibrant and beach-inspired. Check out craftklatchwithmona to learn more about how you can create a stylish doghouse.

Traditional Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

Another cute idea is to build a dog house that matches your own house, like a miniature version of it. You could choose basic shapes like a rectangular floor plan and a pitched roof and you can add details such as decorative molding and custom paint color to really bring your design to life. 

You’ll like the ideas featured on singlegirlsdiy. You can see the resemblance especially since it’s been placed on the deck.

Open Air Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

If you don’t like the opaque look of most dog houses, try something with an open-air design. It could be a summer house featuring thin metal bars instead of solid walls.

You’ll find dog house designs at threespoileddogs. It’s such a stylish little dog house build. It’s modern and simple, with a flat roof and a lovely little door at the front.

DIY Crooked Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

Ana White shares this crooked dog house design.  You can paint your crooked backyard dog home the color of your choice.

DIY Wooden Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House

If you are looking for a classic dog house design to follow this year, consider this DIY wooden dog house from Dear Lillie Studio. You’ll find step-by-step instructions and a full list of materials here, so it’s a great project for even first-time DIYers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Safest Way To Heat A Doghouse?

An all-weather doghouse would resolve most issues related to heating and cooling a modern doghouse. Many dog owners prefer temperature-controlled heating pads to keep their backyard dog kennels warm during the winter months. Another option would be doghouse solar panels. They’re cost-effective and easy to install.

What Is The Best Material To Use For Building A Doghouse?

Wood is the best and most common material for doghouse construction. Metal and plastic absorb heat and cold, fluctuating with the weather and providing a less-than-perfect environment in extreme weather conditions.

How To Protect A Backyard Doghouse From Mosquitoes?

Lavender, marigold, and citronella grass are just a few natural remedies that would protect your doghouse from mosquitoes.

What Kind Of Window Material Is Best For A Doghouse?

Clear plastic would be the safest bet for doghouse windows. You wouldn’t want to install glass windows because they could shatter and hurt your dog.

Is It A Good Idea To Install A Mirror Inside A Doghouse?

Dogs do not understand mirrors. Canines are not as self-aware as humans. If you installed a mirror inside your doghouse it would confuse or scare your dog.

DIY Doghouse Conclusion

Building a DIY dog house is a caring endeavor. As a responsible dog owner, you want to provide the best environment for your dog.

You would sleep better at night knowing your backyard dog house kept your dog warm and protected from cold weather during winter months. 

A good way to create a sturdy dog house is to use wood pieces and insulation.

Building a DIY doghouse can be exciting, but make sure you have building plans and follow them accordingly.