10 Tools For The Modern Handyman

Whether you’re a professional or just someone who likes to take care of problems by himself, you need to have a set of tools in your home in case anything needs repairs. But since everything evolves and advances, your father’s old tools might not be enough for a modern handyman like yourself. So how about you take a look at these more modern options?

Bosch GPLL5 Pen Line Laser Level.

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Bosch GPLL5 Pen Line Laser Level

This is the Pen Line Laser Level from Bosch and it’s a wonderful tool that can help you with alignment and leveling. It projects a bright single line and it has a simple and friendly design. It comes with a mounting plate with adhesive strips so you’ll be able to attach the device to walls and all sorts of other surfaces. Now you can get this handy tool for only $48.64.

WORX SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.

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WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

Forget about the old screwdriver. Now you can use this lovely tool: the WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver. You can buy it for $44.99 and it’s very practical and easy to use. It features a gun-like slide action for changing the driving bits and it comes with 12 driving bits and 2 reload cartridges that can hold 6 bits each.

Magnetic Wristband.

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Magnetic Wristband to keep tools on your wrist while you work.

Maybe you’ve seen your dad trying to fix stuff and taking out screws and bolts only to forget where he put them and to have to find new ones. Well, lucky for you, you won’t have to deal with that problem because you can now use the MagnoGrip. It’s a magnetic wristband that will keep tools on your wrist while you work. It’s extremely practical and saves you a lot of time, not to mention you won’t be stressed anymore. The Magnogrip can be yours for only $15.99.

Flashlight DVR.

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Compact Digital Video Recorder in a Torch

Here’s another great modern tool, although this one is a little pricy. For $226.99 you’ll be able to get this amazing Flashlight DVR. It’s basically a flashlight with a camera inside it. It can record up to 4 GB or 2 hours and it’s very simple to use. It has 2 buttons. The top one activates and stops the video recording and the bottom one turns on the flashlight. In addition, it doesn’t require batteries.

Safety Goggle.

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Built-in ventilation channel provides extra fog control and ventilation

And here’s another item that might come in handy one day and that’s nice to have. It’s the DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle and it can be yours for no more than $9.84. The built-in ventilation channel provides extra fog control while the rubber provides a soft and comfortable seal. It’s adjustable and impact-resistant.

Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves.

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Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Every handyman needs a pair of work gloves. So how about these ones? They’re available at the price of $11.08 and they’re both chic and practical. They’re made of synthetic leather, polyester, elastic band and foam. They are tough but comfortable to wear. Also, the wing closing strap allows you to perfectly adjust them.

HandyMan Tool Kit.

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Trademark Tools 75-HANDY HandyMan Tool Kit, 29-Pc

All these tools are wonderful and practical but let’s not forget about the basics. Everyone should have a set like this in their home. This is the Trademark Tools 75-HANDY HandyMan Tool Kit, 29-Pc. You can buy the set for $21.00 and it includes a crescent wrench, nose pliers, claw hammer, screwdriver, a snap off knife, a stainless steel knife, a corkscrew, scissors, measuring tape and even a can opener.

5-Pocket Handyman’s Tool Pouch.

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5-pocket handyman’s tool pouch holds tools

If you’ve already selected the tools that you need, then you must also need something to put them in so you can carry them with you while you work. So how about this McGuire Nicholas 72489SBT-1 5-Pocket Handyman’s Tool Pouch? For $10.43 you’ll get a 5-pocket handyman’s tool pouch that’s ideal for jobsite use. It’s made of durable polyester and it’s also tear and water-resistant. It has three small tool pockets, a steel hammer holder, a side loop, a large main pocket and a medium-sized nail pocket.

Steel measuring tape.

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Stainless-Steel Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is one of those things that anyone should have and that’s useful for many types of projects. This is the Blomus 68708 Stainless-Steel Measuring Tape which you can buy for $26.99. It’s made of stainless steel and has a matte finish. The stop button locks the tape open and with this tool you’ll be able to measure up to 10 feet.

Tool bag.

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Bucket Boss GateMouth Tool Bag, made from durable 600-denier fabric

And now that we’ve presented you all these great options, how about a tool bag to put them all in? This one should be perfect. It’s the Bucket Boss GateMouth Tool Bag and it’s made from durable denier fabric. It has padded sides and bottom and it contains 11 outer pockets as well as 12 inside pockets. For $31.12 this tool bag can be yours and you can organize and store all your favorite tools in it.