5 Centerpiece Ideas for Christmas Dinner

Nothing says “holidays” like family gatherings…and nothing says “family gathering” like food! Mealtimes, whether casual brunches or full-fledged holiday dinners, can be the heart of the season, so let’s not overlook their décor. Whether your table welcomes all ages or is better suited for adults only, here are some wonderful centerpiece ideas to make your holiday meal extra special.

Mason Jars.

Gold table design

Paired with simple classic Christmas elements, such as red-and-white, evergreens and pine cones, and pomegranates, this homey cluster of mason jars looks as timeless as it does fresh. Votives are always (yes, always) a nice touch. The entire vignette is framed and contained nicely by the 1” slab of unfinished wood. I personally love the contrast of natural and earthy centerpiece with a bright and modern tablecloth.{picture by Rikki Snyder}.

Painted Branch.

Gold table design

How about this spray painted branch, whimsically hung with ornaments? It’s a lovely juxtaposition to the elegance of the place settings and keeps the darker setting a little less somber. With its wild silhouette and oversized layout, this branch is almost whimsical…but somehow still sophisticated. Notice how the centerpiece is still in keeping with the tabletop’s color scheme (matching the plates) as well as content (au natural).{found on site}.

Simple Candles.

Gold table design

Sometimes simplicity is the best answer, as this collection of chunky cream-colored candles proves. Nestled snugly into a smattering of small dried leaves in a rough wooden tray, the candles pay homage to the season’s natural elements and create an intimate dining scene. I find this centerpiece to be effectively casual yet classy.

Playful Presents.

Gold table design

For a casual dining experience where kids are welcome and the wonder of Santa Claus abounds, this fun, bright tablescape is perfection. The collection of brightly wrapped gifts sets off the traditional red-white-and-green color scheme. Candy canes and bows sprinkled throughout the scene make dinner guests of all ages aware that this is, indeed, a party!

Glitter and Gold.

Gold table design

For those dining experiences where babysitters are gotten and black ties are worn, this formal setting is atmospheric, elegant, and intimate. With lit candles everywhere, the table has a wonderfully warm ambiance and welcomes good, lengthy conversation. This centerpiece definitely creates an atmosphere to remember, where holidays sparkle and fine dining is savored.{picture by Stacy}.