125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Living room views as part of the interior décor.

In the cases of apartments that benefit from privileged locations, the views often become a part of the interior design and décor. It’s why these apartments usually feature huge windows or floor-to-ceiling glass walls. With spectacular views such as these ones the need for focal points is no longer a problem and the focus for the interior décor shifts towards minimalism and ways of making the views a main protagonist.

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An all-neutral living room with panoramic views

This modern living room is one of the simplest ones you can find. It’s a minimalist space with an all-neutral interior décor. There are no accessories or details to distract your attention. The star of the décor is the large glass wall and the panoramic views.

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A residence where the good views are the stars and the bad views are hidden

Naturally, everyone would like only the beautiful side of a house to be visible. It’s the same with the views. You can’t always find a perfect location. This residence has a design that allows it to display the good views in a unique way and to also hide the bad ones, directing the attention towards the glass walls.

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Contemporary living room with a serene interior and views of the city

In this living room there’s a very interesting contrast. The interior décor is simple, calming and serene. It’s a very relaxing space, a very inviting and comfortable room. But the views visible from the balcony reflect the city and all the dynamism from outside.

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Spacious and modern living room with spectacular views

This is a very spacious and very airy living room with a modern interior décor where the accent falls not on the interior but on the splendid panoramic views. For that, the interior has been decorated in tones of grey and floor-to-ceiling glass walls were included in the design on two sides.

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Large windows, beautiful views and refreshing colors

In this living room the interior décor is simplistic and modern, featuring clean lines and simple shapes. The geometrical forms can also be seen in the case of the windows that provide panoramic views. The colors visible through the windows interact with the ones used for the interior décor and results in a refreshing mix.

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Tropical living room with bold views towards the exterior

In this tropical living room the colors coming from outside and the views seem like a natural part of the décor. This eliminates the need for artwork and for bold accent colors, the focus shifting towards creating a comfortable and relaxing interior.

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Modern living room with romantic exterior views

This is not a particularly large living room. It’s actually quite narrow and this allows it to feel more intimate and inviting. The glass wall at the end of the room is like a romantic corner with a small table and two chairs facing each other. The views further contribute to a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

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Minimalist white living room with mountain views

This is a very large living room that sometimes is also used as a meeting room or as a fundraiser gallery. The décor had to be simple and flexible and the accent pieces needed to be versatile. The most beautiful accent element in this case is represented by the panoramic views of the mountains.

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Contemporary living room/patio with beautiful contrasting colors and views

This living room further extends and forms a patio. It’s a wonderful recreational space that can be used for a variety of occasions. It features a very pleasant and inviting décor with a brick accent wall, a fireplace, warm colors and spectacular views with a refreshing effect.

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Contemporary living/media room with beautiful color contrasts and views

This is a living room but also a media room and its interior décor is based on strong but elegant contrasts. For example, we have a black accent wall on a white background and a large L-shaped sofa with tones of beige and brown. Then we also have the panoramic views where the sky meets the trees and the mountains.

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