125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Classic living rooms.

Even though it’s fun to experiment and it’s fulfilling to be able to come up with something original for the interior décor of your home, sometimes it can be equally fulfilling to stick with the classics. A classical interior décor is guaranteed to be beautiful and it may be the best choice for you, depending on the type of home you have, the style you prefer and the lifestyle you have.

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Formal living room interior with warm colors and chic details

This is a living room with an interior décor based on classical beauty. The décor is rather formal but the colors are warm and this allows the atmosphere to feel comfortable and inviting. The yellow walls are an interesting choice, both bold and elegant, considering the rest of the details.

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Classical living room with arched ceilings and refined elegance

This is a very impressive living room, mostly in terms of size but also in terms of style and interior décor. The high, arched ceilings and an exquisite element of the interior design. The hanging chandelier is very stylish and beautiful as well and the color contrasts of the furniture are a perfect detail.

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Elegant crown moldings and stylish French doors

This is another example of an elegant living room with classical details. The crown moldings are a very beautiful detail and the French door continue in the same direction. The fireplace is another classical element for the décor and the color of the wall is similar to the ones presented so far.

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An imposing great room with a piano as a focal point

There are lots of exquisite elements in this room and we can’t mention them all. The piano is definitely the star of the décor but the amazing high ceilings, the high windows, the elegant, classical furniture and all the little details make this room very beautiful and very stylish.

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Remarkable living room with strong color contrasts and stylish accent pieces

This living room is not particularly impressive in size but manages to stand out with its chic and stylish interior décor. The interior is mostly based on contrasts and the accent pieces feature intricate but elegant patterns. It’s a classical-chic living room with a simplistic but beautiful interior.

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Victorian residence with elaborate details and wonderful focal points

In this Victorian home, even though the renovation brought many changes and updates, we can still see many of the original details. They are images of the residence’s history and past and they include an overall charming, classical look defined by grandeur and elegance.

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A great room with an impressive fireplace

This is a very large and very imposing living room featuring an entire wall covered in exquisite furniture with a fireplace as the star of the design. The opposite part of the room is defined by simplicity, delicate curves and light colors. A Contrast appears and it defines the whole design.

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Classical living room with lots of decorations and details

Many classical and traditional rooms feature a multitude of little details and accessories. In this case they take the form of framed photos displayed on the walls along with artwork and all sorts of decorative elements. They fill the whole room and bring all the other elements together.

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