10 Smart Ideas For Modern Kitchen Storage

Designing and fitting in storage spaces for all the things usually needed in the kitchen is no easy task. Lots of things need storage. For example, where will you keep all your plates, the knives, the spice jars and what about all the other items you’ll be needing? You can’t just throw them all in one place. The key to a practical and functional kitchen design is being organized.


Peg boards kitchen
The natural, unfinished wood looks beautiful but you could always paint it if you want

A pegboard can be a very useful thing in the kitchen. It allows you to store lots of things like pots and pans close at hand. You can also customize it however you want and, for example, add shelves. It’s a relatively easy DIY project.

Kitchen Island Storage.

Kitchen island storage wines mugs
An elegant kitchen island with various storage compartments

The kitchen lets you add tons of storage. You can fit lots of different compartments for things like plates, cups, wine bottles, glasses, etc. It’s very practical, especially if you also plan to use the island as a bar or breakfast table.

Open Shelving.

Open shelves decor
The white wall is a perfect background for all the things stored on the shelves
White kitchen tiles open shelves
You can fit open shelves anywhere there’s some free space in the kitchen
Shelves accros window
Open shelving is perfect for storing and displaying spice jars and cookbooks

Open shelving is very practical in the kitchen because it lets you easily grab the things you need without having to open and close drawers or cabinet doors. They’re also great for display. In addition, shelves make the kitchen seem more open and airy than closed cabinets.

Keep Handy.

Untesil closer handy
A thin strip of stainless steel is an easy and elegant way of organizing all the essentials

Keep all kitchen essentials handy and store them off the counter. For example, hang your utensils on the backsplash and have small shelves on which to store all the tiny spice jars. This way they’re always within reach.

Cookbook Storage.

Keep the cookbooks off the counter and somewhere save from all the spills

Even though you can now basically find anything you need on the internet, an old-fashioned cookbook can still be very helpful. Store your collection somewhere convenient like on a shelf in the kitchen island or somewhere handy where they don’t clutter the room.

Wine Storage.

British Colonial kitchen
An X wine rack is space-saving and easy to include in any kitchen island’s design

Having a wine rack in the kitchen is very practical. Of course, you’ll want it off the counter. A great idea is to have wine storage compartments in the island but you could also find some space for them in the cabinets or even inside a wall.

Corner Kitchen Storage.

Corner drawers
Corner pull-out drawers can be excellent for storing forks and other utensils
Modern corner drawers
Although the shape of the drawers is not very practical, you can find lots of things to store there
Wood corner drawers
You can have compartments inside the drawers and store little things inside them

Usually the corner space in any room is wasted space and this may not be a big problem in the living room or bedroom but in the kitchen any inch of space is valuable. So take advantage of the corner space and install drawers or open shelves.

Counter Top Designed For Knife Storage.

Knife countertop storage
The best place for such a design is near the sink because the plumbing occupies lots of space underneath anyway

If you want to keep the knives off the counter top and close at hand, you could have a custom-designed piece like this one. The knives are stored inside the counter top. Such a design comes with restrictions. The knives must be completely encased so the blades don;t interfere with the contents of the drawers.

Pullout Shelves And Racks.

Drawer pull out
Glide-out shelves let you reach the items at the back more easily
Pull out racks
Pull-out racks are perfect for storing spices and other small items
Cutting board pull out
A pull-out cutting board is an excellent space-saving idea for any kitchen

I find pullout shelves to be very practical. It’s usually very annoying to have to get a dish or a pan at the back of the shelf and this system makes things a lot easier. Pull-out spice racks are also very functional. They occupy very little space and they’re easy to use.

Dedicated Drawers.

Dedicated spices drawer
A drawer designed for storing spices with compartments
Special knife drawer
Store all your knives nice and safe in a dedicated drawer and you’ll always know where to find them
Disware special drawer
You can have custom-designed cabinets for your dishes so they all sit nice and organized

It’s very useful to have dedicated drawers for things like knives, utensils, dishes, spices and other things which come in packs and sets. It makes it easier to be organized and the kitchen also looks more clean and professional this way.

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