Contemporary sliding kitchen counter by Minimal

As the name already suggests, Minimal’s top priority is to create minimalist pieces. This kitchen counter makes no exception. It’s an extremely simple structure that looks like a sleek white block. Of course, that’s not all there is to see. This kitchen counter has a surprise underneath.

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A large potion of the counter slides to reveal a singular induction stainless steel cooktop and a sink with a retractable faucet in a sunken corian counter top. The idea is very ingenious and very clever. Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen, with all sorts of items and furniture pieces that take space and make your job harder. The simpler the better. This particular kitchen counter is probably the best option for all kitchens regardless of their dimension and style.

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Not only that you can save a lot of space with this piece, but it’s also an extremely functional structure. As the top slides, it can be used as a bar, as a dining table, as a snack table or simply as a serving area. When it’s closed, the kitchen looks a lot less busy. The counter also features several storage spaces, also hidden. It’s one of the most beautiful kitchen pieces you could ever find. Modern and stylish, this kitchen counter would complement any home.