How to decorate Christmas Tree using non traditional ornaments

Christmas is a special moment which always makes me feel nostalgic. I remember those wonderful winter holidays when I was a kid. At school we used to prepare all sorts of shows, we sang carols and decorate all our classrooms with all sorts of sparkling ornaments. Christmas Trees were always the center piece of each space which made us feel closer to the spirit of these beautiful holidays.

Perhaps a special moment that makes me remember of my childhood too is related to the night when my mother, my brothers and I used to gather around the Christmas Tree and prepare all the ornaments for its decoration. Although I think it was a Christmas Tree filled with traditional ornament it was such a nice combinations of things that we were charmed by its whole image in the end.

I remember the way we put the glass balls, the packages of biscuits, the tiny chocolates, candies and even oranges. The lights and tinsels were added too which made it more sparkling and glamorous. Although many of the ornaments were repeated every year, my mother had always brought something new even if if it was glass ball or a different type of candies.

My mother used to show us the glass ball she kept from her childhood or the paper ornaments that she had learned when she was younger.Now you can think of my childhood Christmas Tree and choose some non traditional ornaments for decorating your Christmas Tree.If you are a gourmand and you love sweets perhaps some cookie or biscuits can become the perfect ornaments for your Christmas Tree.You may also use small pictures of your family and be sure that every guest will be impressed by such an idea.

If you are a collector of things like coins, buttons, seashells or match boxes you may transform them in great decorating items that will make your Christmas Tree look more original and personal. It is also a nice way of exhibiting or displaying your interesting hobby.Those who love nature can choose some nice pinecones, acorns or maybe nuts which may remind you of your relaxing vacation at the mountains.

Another way of decorating your Christmas Tree using non traditional ornaments is to choose some various combinations of colors which perhaps match with the walls of your room or your furniture and find ribbons or hand crafting objects made of the same nuances so that you can arrange everything in a perfect symmetry.

You have so many choices for decorating our Christmas Tree but all depends on your originality and adaptation to new.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on December 4th, 2011


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