Earth House by Peter Vetsch

The earth structure houses provide organic forms, their development requiring creativity and a strong sense of space and was designed by Peter Vetsch, are based on the interpretation of an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture.




The earth- covered houses are grouped centered around a small artificial lake with the entrance well hidden and integrated at the side of the settlement.



Located in Dietikon, Switzerland the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is build on the ground.The residential settlement consists of nine houses, three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house.The earth-house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion. An earth house does not have to be built under the ground, it can be placed onto naturally grown terrain. For more information of this project please check this.

Published by in Design And Concept, on December 7th, 2009


9 Responses to “Earth House by Peter Vetsch”

  • Brian says:

    Since the beginning, when man first walked the earth, underground homes have provided safety and security. It seems we have come full circle with the implementation of earth homes in today’s society. The ecological benefits are simply undeniable!

  • Frank Lee says:

    Does anyone know of any Underground homes that are not inspired or based on ‘California hippie plastiform’ or ‘Euro-brutal concrete monolith’ design? The idea of building an underground home appeals to me but I find the ‘I am an ARCHITECT!’ designs repugnant. Simple, vernacular, livable architecture anyone?

  • Rhealee says:

    How do I get a house plan to have one of these earth homes built??? I am planning to start building soon.

  • Stefan says:

    You should look at the site.


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