31 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Cork

It’s amazing how sometimes you realize there are so many things you can do with an item that you\ve never even given too much thought until then. For example, have you ever wondered what cork could be used for? It’s very versatile and there are so many things you could do with it, things that never even crossed your mind.

Wine cork projects.

Cork stamps.

Making cork stamps is very easy. All you need are a bunch of corks, a sharpie and a good craft knife. Draw your design on with the sharpie and then cut around the shape with the knife. Slice into the cork sideways and slowly chip away the excess. Use ink on the design and enjoy your stamp. It’s a great project that kids would definitely love.{found on sweetspotcards}.

Cork coasters.

To make these coasters you’ll need at least 25 wine corks, a hot glue gun, thin cork paper circles, a pocket knife and sand paper. First cut the corks in half lengthwise. Then glue them one by one to the cork paper circle. Cut off the excess cork and sand down the coaster’s edges. It’s a very practical project that you can also use as a gift for someone.{found on heartmadeblog}.

Cork place card holders.

For this project you’ll need corks, a craft knife, card stock, a paper cutter and a pen. Make the place cards by cutting card stock down to size and hand write each guest’s name on them. With the craft knife, slice the cork lengthwise and cut a groove down the middle.{found on clarksvillebrides}.

Cork trivet.

Here’s another simple project. All you need for this one are a bunch of corks and some superglue. Glue 3 corks together and then continue until you get a circular shape. Let it dry and it’s ready to use. It can’t really get any easier than that.{found on sweetpaul}.

Thread spool corks.

The supplies needed for this project include wood spools, corks, double sided tape, wood glue, thread and scissors. Use the tape to begin adhering thread to the spool. Wrap thread around it until all the wood is covered. Use a little dot of glue to secure the end of the thread and then adhere the corks to the spools using wood glue.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Magnetic cork planters.

These cute and tiny planters would make wonderful gifts or decorations for your own home. To make them you’ll need potting soil, tiny succulents, a puncher, a paring knife and a glue gun. Hollow out the center of the wine corks and then glue magnets onto them. Fill the hole with soil and ad the succulents. A droplet of water should be enough for each tiny planter.{found on stylebaggage}.

Wine cork key chains.

This is a very simple project. You need wine corks and some keychain rings and screw eyes. Out the screw eye onto the keychain ring and screw it in. That’s all! You can also make labels or personalize the corks if you want by drawing on them or in many other ways.{found on cleverlyinspired}.

Decorative cork balls.

This project is a little more complex but still simple. The supplies needed are wine corks, a Styrofoam ball, brown acrylic paint and a glue gun. Paint the Styrofoam with brown paint and let it dry. Apply glue to one side of the cork and place it on the ball. Hold it for a few seconds. Repeat until you cover the ball in corks.{found on allputtogether}.

Wine cork bath mat.

This project is great for any bathroom. To make the mat you’ll need wine corks, hot glue sticks, non-adhesive shelf liner, a pocket knife, a ruler, a hot glue gun and sand paper. Cut each cork in half lengthwise and arrange them in a rectangle. Cut the shelf liner to size and then transfer the rows of corks to the shelf liner. Glue them to the top side of the liner one by one. Once the frame is made, add corks to the inside.{found on craftynest}.

Cork wall.

If you want to give your kitchen backsplash a more original look, this could be a nice option. You need a piece of wood the size of the area you want to cover with corks on your wall. Start gluing the corks onto the wood. Then attach your creation to the wall and you’re done.{found on ppandorasbox}.

Cork plant markers.

For this cute little project you just need some wine corks, bamboo skewers, a drill, a permanent marker and a plant trimmer. Write the plant names on each cork. The carefully drill into the bottom of each cork and insert the bamboo skewers once you’ve trimmed them to size. It’s a great project for indoor gardens but also for your outdoor space as well.{found on mychiclife}.

A corkboard.

Corkboards are quite popular and they’re not that difficult to make. First you have to gather some corks. Then prepare the frame. Remove the glass, replace the back if you have to, prime the frame and paint it. Then start gluing the corks into a zig-zag pattern. Other patterns could be used as well. Just make sure you cover the entire surface with corks.{found on suzegeeksout}.

Cork drawer knobs.

Using corks as drawer knobs is actually a very ingenious and practical idea. For this project you’ll need some champagne corks, screws and a screwdriver. Remove the existing knobs and replace the old screws with pointed screws. Insert a screw into the hole of the drawer, hold it in place with a screwdriver and press the cork firmly against the screw, twisting it in a clockwise direction.{found on dollarstorecrafts}.

Wine cork charms.

For this project you’ll need wine corks, a knife, wire hoops or long eye pins, a sharpie, small letter stencils, a nail and a hammer. Slice the corks one by one. Then push the nail all the way through to make a hole. Customize the charms with letters or numbers. Thread wire or hoop through and you’re done.{found on mychiclife}.

Wine cork magnets.

To make these magnets you’ll need magnet strips, glue, a knife and some wine corks. Cut the corks in half lengthwise and then put glue on the magnet strip and press firmly onto the flat side of the cork. That’s all!{found on missmelandmissheather}.

Interior décor cork projects.

Cork memo board.

This little memo board is a nice decoration to put up on a wall in the nursery or bedroom. It’s made of cork and painted with two colors and a simple pattern. You can stick or pin photos or memos on the board where you can easily see them.{found on handmadecharlotte}.

Cork coasters.

These coasters are as simple as they can get. To make them you have to start by tracing and cutting the cork to the shape and size you want. Then decorate it as you want. You can apply a coat or two of sealant to make them waterproof as well. Wrap them with a ribbon and they’ll also be a nice gift for someone.{found on checkoutnutsandbolts}.

Cork map.

This is a more complicated project but it’s still fun to make. Start with a large roll of cork. Print out the map you want to use. Cut the map out and tape it to the cork sheet. Trace it with a sharpie. Hold the cork over a pot of boiling water and then cut it while it’s still warm. Next, draw the state lines. Glue the cork pieces together with a hot glue gun.{found on charlestoncrafted}.

Cork mouse pad.

Making a mouse pad is extremely easy. All you have to do is cut the cork to size. You can choose any shape you want but it’s best to keep it simple. You can also customize the pad by painting it or by drawing on it.{found on site}.

Cork pencil holder.

For this project you’ll need 6 cork trivets, a power drill and glue. Glue the trivets to one another and press firmly. Measure the stack and choose a drill bit. Then drill the holes and fill each one with a writing utensil. It’s very simple and very ingenious and a great project for the kids’ desk or for your home office.{found on designformankind}.

Cork world map.

This is a more complex version of the cork state map we’ve just shown you. The materials needed are an adhesive-back cork roll, map pins, quilter’s grid, spray adhesive, a map template, plywood handy panels, masking tape, a staple gun, tacky glue, masking paper, white spray paint and a craft knife. Print out the map and cut apartment the continents and islands. Tape them down to the cork. Cut out the shapes. Paint the plywood and staple the fabric to the wood. Apply spray adhesive to the painted side of the panel and wrap the fabric around. Stick the continents and islands to the panel. Use pins to mark places.{found on madmadediy}.

Cork pinboard.

The supplies needed for this project are cork tiles, painter’s tape, white paint, picture hanging strips and a paint brush. Apply tape to the cork to make stripes. Arrange the tiles in a pattern and start painting. Remove the tape and enjoy.{found on thehappyhomeblog}.

Cork-filled frames.

The idea behind this project is very simple. Just get some frames and paint them. Use different colors and give them a nice and fresh look. Then cut out cork to match each frame and insert it inside. It’s a very nice project for an office where there’s always something you can pin to a cork board.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Cork wall.

Another very interesting idea would be to make a cork wall. It’s very simple. You just have to cover a wall in cork. It can be a single sheet or several pieces put together and lined up perfectly. You can them pin photos, notes and all sorts of other things to the wall.

Cork vases.

For this project you’ll need some cans, spray paint, a roll of cork, craft glue and pins. Clean the cans and spray paint the inside of each can and the outside of the rim. Then wrap the cork around the outside of the can and put glue as you advance to keep it in place. Pin or clamp down the cork until it’s dry. Then fill them with flowers or use them as containers for pencils and other utensils.{found on papernstitchblog}.

Cork board jewelry frame.

This project is very practical as it allows you to arrange your jewelry neatly and to also display it beautifully. All you have to do is find a frame that you like and to paint it. Then cut out cork and insert it into the frame. If you want, you can also wrap the cork in burlap or fabric. Still, it might be more practical to leave it as such so your jewelry doesn’t get tangled with the fabric.{found on domesticfashionista}.

Bonus furniture made using cork.

This series of objects made from cork was designed by Twodesigners. They are made using solid, raw materials that have distinct textures such as metal and cork. The designs are very simple, modern and practical. The collection includes cork tables and pendant lamps.

This unusual bar stool was made using 2,500 wine and champagne corks. The corks are enclosed in a breathable, durable mesh fabric. They are visible and this gives the bar stool personality. It’s great for both indoor and covered outdoor use. The stool is made of stainless steel, cork and polyester mesh.Available for 980$.

These stools look like giant champagne corks. What’s even more interesting is the fact that they are actually made of cork. They’re very cute and interesting and would make a wonderful addition to a modern home. They would also be a very original gift.Available on site.

This is a cork and steel stool designed by Timothy John for Thanks. It has a powder-coated steel base and a hand-turned cork seat. Its design was inspired by the glass beakers used in science experiments. The project started as a limited edition run and it till go into general production, but with solid wood tops.

These unusual table centerpieces were designed by Carlo Trevisani. They are made of wine bottles and corks. The cork dish plugs into the top of a variety of bottles. The bottles can be filled with nay kind of liquid. It’s simple, sustainable and very ingenious.

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