11 Amazing Old Barns Turned Into Beautiful Homes

An old barn is not exactly the picture of a cozy and glamorous family home but you would be surprised to see how spectacular transformations can be. There are plenty of old barns that got transformed and turned into private homes. They are all unique and they each have a beautiful story. We’ve selected some of the most impressing transformations.Enjoy!

A spectacular project by SHED.

We’re going to start with this amazing home. It sued to be an old barn but it got transformed into a wonderful living space with the ability to accommodate a variety of activities. The architects from SHED were the ones that are responsible for the transformation. The home, now a barn, includes a workroom that also serves as a kitchen, an apartment, a bunk room and a bathroom. It was redesigned using simple materials and colors and some of the original features were reused as well.

Barn turned into a family home by Josephine Interior Design.

This glamorous family home also used to be an old barn. It got transformed into the beautiful space that it is now by Joséphine Gintzburger from Josephine Interior Design. Inside, the design and décor are simple but beautiful. The home features concrete floors and exposed wooden beams that give it character. The glass chandelier adds glamour to the space and the result is an eclectic image where rustic and modern features meet in harmony.

1300 square foot barn transformed by Maxwan Architects.

Here’s another beautiful family home that hides a surprising secret. Originally a barn, this place got transformed by Maxwan Architects. Once old and moldy, the 1300 square foot barn is now a beautiful and inviting family home. The barn had previously been expanded so it was already spacious enough for the project. During the transformation, the layout had to be changed and the décor had to become a little more appropriate for a cozy family home.

Old barn turned into a modern multi-purpose space.

Located in Norfolk, United Kingdom, this house was designed and built by Carl Turner Architects and was originally a barn. Of course, lots of transformations had to be made. The building needed to become more open and airy. The décor changed as well. Some of the original features were preserved, such as the wooden beams, while others were replaced with something a little more modern. The polished concrete floors and plywood furniture interact beautifully and the result is a lovely modern décor.

Spectacular barn transformation by kwint architecten.

This is actually a modern development but it has been designed with the barn as a model. The residence was designed by Dutch practice Kwint Architecten and the main reason why the barn was chosen as a model for the project was because they wanted it to integrate into the surroundings without standing out too much. At the same time, it had to be a contemporary home. So the solution was to hide a contemporary residence behind the timeless image of a barn.

Abandoned barn tuned into a family home.

Located in the province of Caceres, this old barn had been abandoned for a long time until it was discovered by its current owners. They went to architectural firm Abaton for help when they wanted to transform the barn into their family home. The project was unusual but the barn had a lot of charm and a rich history. Its walls were actually covered in stone and this gave it character. The exterior was kept almost intact. The interior was transformed into a modern living space and the barn has become a beautiful family home with spectacular views.

Barn turned into a contemporary house with a pool.

This house has also been converted from a barn. The renovation was extensive and the main reason why the exterior has remained almost intact is because the  McLean Quinlan architects wanted it to seamlessly integrate into the landscape. There’s a strong contrast between the interior and exterior of this house. The exterior looks like that of a traditional agricultural building while the interior suits its owners’ contemporary lifestyle. Two new wings and a swimming pool were added to the original barn to make the residence complete.

Old barn turned into an eco home.

When you think about it, transforming a barn into a family home is an act of responsibility for the environment. You actually try to revive the old structure and to reuse it instead of building a new one. For this barn, the transformation went even further. It got transformed into a lovely green home with rustic charm. The house is located on Bainbridge Island in Washington and it was renovated by Seattle-based architect Don Frothingham. It became a modern and eco-friendly home with lots of character.

Bank barn with lots of potential, renovated by Blackburn Architects.

This used to be an old bank barn found in Leesburg, VA, on the banks of the Potomac River. Its owners were told to demolish it but, after refusing to do so in repeated times, they decided to renovate it and reuse it. The barn still had great potential despite being so old. Finally, the owners found Blackburn Architects that agreed to help with the transformation. Their barn from the 1800s got a new look and a new life. It’s now a modern adaptation of what it used to be, with lots of rustic features.

200 year old turned into a modern home.

Here’s another example of how an old structure or building can gain a new identity after it’s being renovated. This is a 200-year old barn located in Fahndorf, Austria. It used to be old and abandoned until its current owners decided to revive it. They went to Vienna based architecture office Propeller Z for help. The architects managed to completely redesign the barn and to turn it into a stunning contemporary space.

Spectacular barn transformation in Zutphen, The Netherlands.

The last project we’re going to present to you today is a truly amazing transformation of a barn located in Zutphen, The Netherlands. The barn became a family residence and the project was designed by SeARCH architects in 2004. The architects created a new extension for the residence. It contains a large kitchen, a workroom and a guest area. The old barn wasn’t actually converted. It got demolished and replaced by this contemporary structure made of mostly prefabricated parts.

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