10 Modern Under Stair Storage Solutions To Spruce Up Your Home

In any modern home, the key is to have a simple and open interior design and internal distribution. Storage is still a very important issue but it’s dealt with in ingenious and space-efficient ways. For example, in the case of residences or apartments with internal staircases, the area under the stairs is very often used for storage. It can include open shelves, drawers or hidden compartments.

A variety of under stair storage compartments of different sizes and shapes, a mix of drawers and closed storage spaces for a variety of needs. It’s a very clever way of getting things out of the way yet storing them in plain sight.

In this case, the under stair wall is used for storage in a quite different way. A door opens and reveals a series of drawers. They provide plenty of storage space and it’s all hidden behind this secret door. It’s a nice solution for hallways.

The space directly underneath the staircase can also be efficiently used in other ways. For example, in this case, the staircase wall is large enough to allow you to place a TV and extra furniture on it. It’s a different kind of storage, equally practical.

This type of staircase leaves a quite large space unused on floor level. It’s not big enough or well positioned to include it in the main living area yet it’s large enough to become a storage area. in this case, it is used as a wine storage area enclosed in glass.

This is also an example of an under stair wine storage design. This one is a little different. The wall underneath the staircase was compartmentalized into hexagons that share a honeycomb design given the shape and the yellow color chosen for this space.

If the staircase wall is part of the living area, then it’s easier to include it in the décor and to use it for storage. For example, in this case the wall was completely covered in furniture featuring a variety of compartments, shelves and storage spaces.

Drawers are very practical when it comes to storage so it would be a very functional idea to include a series of drawers in the under stair wall. The more drawers you have the easier it gets to organize everything you want to store or hide inside them.

Depending on the structure and design of the staircase, the space underneath can be used for a variety of purposes. This particular type of staircase allows you to create a very nice and cozy nook underneath. All you need is a bench and some comfy pillows. You can use the space under the bench for storage.

If you want to take full advantage of the under stair area, you can not only build a series of shelves or storage compartment but transform this small space into a work area or home office. Include a desk and you’ll also have plenty of storage.

We’ve noticed that using the under stair space for wine storage is quite common. This example is based on the same concept but, in this case, it’s more than just a storage area for wine bottles. It’s a very nice bar with open shelves and storage underneath, a very nice feature for an open plan living area.

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Published by in Best Of, on July 9th, 2013


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