10 Window Covering Ideas That Shed New Light On Your Home

Whether it’s to gain privacy or for aesthetic purposes only, covering the windows is a must for the vast majority. So which type are you and what’s your favorite window treatment? The following 10 ideas cover pretty much all the bases when it comes to window covering ideas so start browsing and pick the one you’d like to use in your home.

Custom shades

Custom bedroom window shadesView in gallery

Custom window shades can be designed to cover two windows at a time instead of just one. They can also be made to feature the same exact color of the furniture in the room, of the walls, etc. There are numerous ways in which they can be customized so you’ll have to come up with your own ideas for this option.{found on karenwhiteid}.

Sliding wooden shutters

Bedroom featuring a wooden barn sliding for windowView in gallery

Sliding shutters are quite different from shades and other window treatments. Because they’re made of wood and are a bit reminiscent of barn doors, these panels on rollers can be used to add a distinguished rustic touch to an eclectic décor.{found on acehotel}.

Bathroom barn sliding window panelView in gallery

But a sliding wooden shutter can add a lovely warm touch to a contemporary décor as well. A beautiful option is to get one for the bathroom, if the layout and the design allow it.

Barn window shutter designView in gallery

Such a window treatment would be an excellent idea for the bedroom. In here, the wooden panel would offer a maximum of privacy when needed. It would also block the natural light completely if such a thing is desired in the morning. Moreover, the panel can be painted to match the wall and the room’s décor.{found on davidandersonarchitect}.

Plantation shutters

Black wooden interior shuttersView in gallery

Modern plantation shutters come in a variety of different styles and louver sizes. These are half shutters and they’re a suitable option for homes with high ceilings and windows that go all the way up. By leaving the top portion of the windows uncovered you let the natural light in without sacrificing privacy.{found on lisawolfedesign}.

Interior wooden shuttersView in gallery

Plantation shutters can be custom designed to fit any shape or size so don’t worry if your home doesn’t have standard windows. Also, the large variety of styles within this category allows you to pick the one that best suits the style you’ve chosen for the interior.{found on cuppettarchitects}.

Hand-carved panel screens.

Hand crafted wood panel window treatmentView in gallery

These distinctive window coverings combine style and function is a beautiful and harmonious way. They are hand-carved and can depict a whole variety of designs and patterns. The panels can be used to create focal points in areas such as the living room or the bedroom.{found on habitat-studio}.

Honeycomb shades.

Honeycomb shadesView in gallery

The interesting thing about honeycomb shades is that they can be moved up and down as desired. This allows you to control the amount of light that gets in, the angle at which it enters the room and the part of the room it illuminates.{found on lisascheffdesigns}.

Panel tracks.

Bedroom cozy pillow sliding panel tracksView in gallery

These window coverings are referred to as sliding panels or panel tracks and they can be custom made according to the type of fabric you wish to include in your room’s décor. They are excellent for large windows but also for sliding doors.{found on davidjosephphotography}.

Handwoven window coverings.

Handwoven window coveringsView in gallery

These sliding panel shade systems are hand woven and custom made to suit customer specifications. They always add a warm and pleasant look to the space they are used in and they’re very efficient at offering privacy and obstructing the light when needed.{found on vmldesignandlighting}.

Pull-down maps.

World map window treatmentView in gallery

Actually, this the type of project you can try to do yourself. The idea is simple. Find a pull-down classroom-style map that you like and transform it into a one-of-a-kind window treatment. Here’s an interesting idea: mark on the map all the places you’ve visited.{found on arciform}.

Contact paper window treatments

We’ll stay within the sphere of DIY projects and we’ll continue with this contact paper window treatment. First, get a roll of contact paper and then print out the template you’ve chosen on cardstock. Trace it onto the contact paper and cut out the shapes.

Contact paper window1View in gallery

Contact paper windowView in gallery

Clean the window and draw a grid with a sharpie to help you adhere the contact paper in an orderly fashion. Then just start putting on the contact paper piece by piece. At the end, clean the window to remove the marker.{found on bakecreatelove}.

DIY faux Roman shade.

This is a faux Roman shade because it’s fixed and doesn’t go up and down. To make something similar you need drop cloth fabric, fabric glue, a strip of wood, transfer paper, an iron, a printer, a staple gun, nails and tacks.

Transfer the images on fabricView in gallery

Create a layout of a vintage letter on your computer and print out the elements on vinyl paper. Cut the fabric to the size of the window, fold over the ends and use the iron to get a clean hem. Put a bead of glue under each hem.

Roman shade diy project glueView in gallery

Transfer image on fabricView in gallery

Transfer the images on the fabric one by one. Wrap the short end of the fabric around the strip of wood and staple it in place. Make the folds and tack them into place. Then nail the finished product into the top of the window.{found on brooklynlimestone}.