15 Modern Ways to Style Your Credenza

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but credenzas furniture are making it big in the interior design world lately. Originally a classic piece for the dining room, designers are finding these cabinets to be handy for all kinds of things outside displaying your food and holding your china. The storage space holds so much opportunity and the low top is better than a dresser or bookshelf. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a credenza or looking for a place to put the one you own, you’re in the right place. Take a look at these 15 modern ideas for styling your credenza.

1. Dining Room Sideboard

sideboard credenza

Of course we shouldn’t knock on the dining room sideboard. If you aren’t a fan of the great big mirrored lighted (and just plain gaudy) china cabinets, a sleek credenza is just the thing for you. Cause it promises to hold your china with care and provide extra space to display food. I could go for that relationship. (via Concept By Anna)

2. Focal Art

focal art credenza

In so many credenza styling pictures, you’ll see a very large piece of art mounted above the cabinet. Why? Because it just works. Somehow, placing a credenza beneath such a large piece of art helps to unify the art with the rest of the room. Or, as with so many trends, you can use the cabinet to lean your art against the wall instead of really mounting it up high. (via SF Girl By Bay)

3. TV Console

tv console credenza

I’m positive you’ve seen this design before. Whoever decided that a credenza would make a good TV console was brilliant. It’s low so your screen will be at eye level. It hides all your chords. It has storage for movies and remotes and all those various essentials. Plus, there is space for some darn good speakers so you can have movie theater quality sound. (via A Cup of Jo)

4. Plant Stand

plant stand credenza

Hipster plant lovers unite for the most perfect plant stand. Yes. Simply gather those leafy greens together on a mid-century credenza and you’ve got the looks for that California eclectic home. Did I mention that those plants will be easy to water? (via French By Design)

5. Home Bar

home bar credenza

Gin and tonic anyone? That’s what you can ask your guests when you’ve got a stylish home bar like this in your living room. Stash your glasses and bottles away in the cabinets and display what you’re currently drinking on the top with a pretty serving tray and your precious cocktail shaker. (via Design Sponge)

6. Two for One

two small for one

Sometimes you just can’t pass up a buy like these mini credenzas. Set them side by side and they’ll be best friends who will enjoy holding your books or drinks or china as long as they live. (via Yellow Trace)

7. Changing Table

nursery credenza

How sweet is this nursery changing table solution? Bet you never thought of using a credenza as a changing station, but think about how perfect that is. Plenty of table space for a changing pad, diapers and other necessities, and plenty of cabinet space for extra supplies and onesies and everything you might need for baby. (via Lay Baby Lay)

8. Record Storage

record cabinet credenza

Did you know that many credenzas will fit your old-time records perfectly? Set your turn table on top, stack your records inside and you’re ready for a living room dance party. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Corner Credenza

corner credenza

Every once in a while, you have that corner that you think needs some piece of furniture without it being showy or too bulky. Find a nice petite credenza to take up your space and who knows. You may even end up making it a focal point in the room. Besides, who has ever complained about extra storage space? Not me! (via Rue Mag)

10. Dresser

dresser credenza

Find a nice large credenza with drawers and you can have yourself a gorgeous unique dresser in your bedroom. All you need next is a large mirror to lean on or hang above the cabinet for your morning makeup routine. (via Emily Henderson)

11. Hardware Change

credenza hardware change

And here you probably thought that all credenzas were mid-century styled. While that may be true for the majority, you can certainly find ornate cabinets that only require a change of hardware to instantly fit perfectly into your country chic home. Just imagine pulling your gingham tablecloth out of that chest. (via The Lily Pad Cottage)

12. Bright Color

painted credenza

Just because wood really isn’t in your design scheme doesn’t mean you have to forgo a credenza. Choose a bright color that matches the theme of your home and paint your credenza. I can promise you that it will become the spotlight piece in whatever room it sits in. (via Classy Clutter)

13. Duel Lamps

duel lamps

So many homes have those spaces that just never seem to get adequate lighting. A credenza can easily solve that problem by holding two statement lamps in that dark space. They’ll work together to light up the room and create a visually pleasing design. (via Little Green Notebook)

14. Alternate Storage

basket storage credenza

Don’t let the cabinet drawers or doors inhibit your creativity. By removing the doors and wallpapering the back, it opens up the space for baskets and boxes and other things that wouldn’t normally fit in a credenza. For inspiration, think child’s toy box. (via City Farmhouse)

15. Simplify

simple credenza

To be honest, some credenzas are beautiful all alone. If yours has complicated patterns pressed into it’s wood, take the hint and opt for a simple style that will let your credenza speak for itself. Need more incentive to go simple? A minimalist cabinet is less to dust. (via Aiosa)