DIY Wooden Strip Candle Votive

This year is the official UNESCO year of light. It’s highlighting (no pun intended) the amount of light we all receive on a daily basis from sources such as computers, phone and television screens. These constant light sources throughout the day and night can effecting our sleeping patterns as a result. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping or find it difficult to switch off it could be because the glow from electronics and bright indoor lighting is keeping you awake.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 11

Alongside switching off any screens two hours before sleeping (we’re finding this one difficult) using candles to dim the lights just before going to bed can help ease the harsh overhead lights that can cause restlessness.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 9

Candles are also a great way of relaxing and blowing off steam. There’s something so relaxing about the flickering soft light that comes from a candle flame. Candles can be perceived as a bit unfashionable but giving your candle holder a modern twist is a great way to not only enjoy the candle more, but to make beautiful features around your home!

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive materials

You will need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Cane Reed
  • Masking tape
  • Glass Tumbler
  • Tea Light Candle
Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 1

1. Soak the reed in warm water. Coil the reed inside of the glass so that it will form a tighter coil. Leave for about half an our and then drain off the water. Keeping the cane in the glass leave it to dry for another half an hour.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 2

When you remove the cane it will be coiled about the same size of the glass.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 3

2. Measure and cut a piece of cane that will wrap around the bottom of the glass with an inch to spare. Use the glue gun secure this piece around the bottom of the glass.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 4

3. Cut another two pieces of cane one and a half times the length of the circumference of the glass. Beginning at the end of the last piece of cane glue the next piece of cane and leave it to set.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 5

4. Squeeze the glue onto the outside of the other end of the cane.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 6

5. Insert the end of the cane behind itself at an angle to create a loose loop and hold in place.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 7
Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 8

6. Repeat the last step to create another loop on the opposite site of the glass. Hold the joints in place with masking tape while they set to keep them securely in place.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 9

Now light your candle and relax!

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 10
Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 11