DIY Calendars To Use As Focal Points In Your Home

These days calendars are nothing more than an app on their phone for most people. But this doesn’t mean that those old-fashioned calendars have lots their charm completely. In fact, they have been adapted and they’re not even old-fashioned anymore. So find the design that best suits you and make your own decorative calendar to use as a focal point in your home.

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Make a chic chalkboard calendar for your home office or work area. All you need is the template for a single month really and you can write down the dates every month after you erase the old ones. Get a chalk ink pen and customize your own version.

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And if you really want the calendar to be the focal point of the room, make it really big. It can cover an entire wall even. This is great especially if you have lots of things to write down such as birthdays, reminders, etc. If the calendar is in the playroom or the children’s room, they can also be used as school schedules.

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If you’re the artistic type, print monthly calendar on sheets of paper and personalize them with drawings or sketches. If you want, you can make this a family project and let the kids get involved as well. This way you’ll display their artwork on the wall but it will actually be more than that.

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Your wall calendar can have an abstract, modern look. Each day can be square of a different color. You can choose a palette of colors to use and then cut out the squares.

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Or perhaps you’d like your calendar to be, well, less like a calendar and more like artwork. For example, you can pick a theme such as flowers or plants and select one type for each month of the year. Then frame them and display them in order.

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If you’re the practical type that prefers something simple and straight-forward, just print out the calendar for the current month and use a clipboard to display it upright on your desk.

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Or mount the clipboard on the wall in front of your desk. Perhaps you can find one with an interesting design, a bit vintage or with an interesting color or finish.