14 Tips For Incorporating Shiplap Into your Home

Farmhouse style decorating has been on the rise ever since the beginning of HGTV’s show Fixer Upper. Hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, take houses from drab to fab in one episode. Farmhouse fab that is. And no matter what layout or project or age the home is, Joanna will find a place to add shiplap. Usually we can’t not cheer in agreement. Shiplap is a great way to bring texture to a space, whether it’s large or small. Take a look at these 14 tips for incorporating shiplap into your home that Joanna would approve of.

Shiplap breakfast nook

When you have a space that needs to feel a little bit set apart, sprucing up the walls is the way to go. Wallpaper might seem to busy so a nice clean shiplap will help your breakfast nook or home office feel like a whole room itself. (via Lark and Linen)

Shiplap laundry room

Large essential appliances in small spaces can keep you dumbfounded as to how to beautify the room. The easy answer, shiplap. In a laundry room, the white clean walls will keep your space looking great against dirty clothes and muddy boots. (via Studio McGee)

Shiplap pantry design

Even the pantry deserves to be beautiful! Line the back of the space with shiplap for a finished look. Whether it’s a small closet or a large walk in room, the pattern will quietly make the pasta and onions look better. (via Little Glass Jar)

Shiplap fireplace design

Many fireplaces don’t seem quite finished above the mantlepiece. Use shiplap to extend the focal point as far as you can. It will give a great background to your mantle decor and bring that farmhouse touch to your living room. (via Harvard Design)

Bedroom Shiplap design

You can basically never go wrong with a shiplap statement wall. Especially in rooms that don’t require as much stimulation, like a bedroom or bathroom. It’s a touch of classic farmhouse without going crazy. (via Table and Hearth)

Shiplap wall accent

Shiplap is usually seen displayed horizontally, however it isn’t essential it stays that way. If you have a wall that would benefit from a little more pattern play, consider installing your shiplap vertically or even in a V shape. (via The Inspired Room)

Shiplap chair rail

Does your room need some serious personality? Consider adding a shiplap chair rail. It’s a great option to give your space a custom look and farmhouse feel. (via HGTV)

Shiplap ceiling

Many older homes make use of the attic space next to the roof, giving bedrooms slanted ceilings. So much wall space and yet so little space to hang a picture. Covering these slanted walls with shiplap can give these rooms the finished look they need. (via Maine Home and Design)

Shiplap small design

Most shiplap you see is made up of wide white planks. But if your budget doesn’t allow for all that wood, feel free to use thinner planks. It just gives your wall more texture. (via Decor Pad)

Reclaimed Shiplap walls

Nobody said your planks had to be white either! While white does create a very clean farmhouse look, you can definitely leave your wood in it’s chippy paint state for the best rustic wall on the block. (via Maine Home and Design)

Shiplap cool headboard

How perfect is that shiplap headboard! While it would be super easy to buy for instant shiplap effect, you could use your woodworking skills to build it as well. In that case, you better be ready to build one for all your family’s beds too. (via Interior God)

Shiplap painted bedroom

Don’t be afraid to steer away from the pristine white shiplap for a smaller room. Even black will have the texture you need and it will give the room a modern farmhouse feel instead of strictly rustic. (via Studio McGee)

Shiplap statement frame

Wanting just a little bit of shiplap in your farmhouse home? Even with the tightest budget, you can make a large shiplap frame from leftover wood and paint. The perfect piece for hanging a wreath or even a smaller frame with a quote inside. (via @decorsteals)

Shiplap living room

Of course, for the all in farmhouse decorators, feel free to cover an entire room in shiplap. Especially if it has big windows to make the space feel as bright and airy as possible. (via @yellowprairieinteriors)