How To Do String Art On Pegboard

Create a simple yet trendy piece of art that’s really friendly on the budget and very easy to make. Style your own pattern and color scheme to accent any room- the perfect piece for a living room bookshelf.

What we need

– 10″ x 10″ Plywood board – Drill press with a thin drill bit – Yarn in various colors – Needle – Straight edge – Pencil – Clearcoat  – Sandpaper

Let's make String Art On Pegboard


Prepare the pegboard: Have your local hardware store cut a piece of plywood to 10″ x 10″. Use your straight edge to mark and draw lines every inch going vertically on your board.

Continue marking: Repeat the marking out and drawing lines every inch horizontally. This will create intersections every inch on one large grid. The intersections will become where your holes will be on your peg board.


Drilling process: Drill holes at every intersection with your drill press. Drill slowly and smoothly with a small drill bit to avoid blow out on the other side of the board.


Sandpaper: Use sand paper to sand the front and back of the of the board. Sand off the pencil marks and any blow out or splinters on the edge of the board.


Coat of lacquer:  Finish off the board with a smooth coat of clear lacquer. Let dry for the amount of time indicated on the back of the bottle.


String art pattern: Now it’s time to create your art! Thread a needle with one of the colors of yarn and thread through the holes in a chevron style pattern.


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