DIY Cubicle Framed Fabric Organizer

Keep your office or craft room nice and tidy with this chic organizer made of fabric and a repurposed frame. Using fun fabric and a bold colors, this easy little project will not only keep you organized but brighten up your office space too! Use iron-on the binding so no sewing is necessary and whip this one up in a spare half hour!

Cubicle Framed Fabric Organizer

Supplies you’ll need for the cubicle framed organizer:

  • frame
  • spray paint (optional)
  • sand paper
  • 1 yard of fabric (exact amount needed will depend on the size of your frame)
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • ruler
  • iron on fabric fuse
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • fabric scissors
DIY fabric organizer board project

Instructions of how to recycle an old picture frame:

Step 1: Prepare the frame

Start by prepping your frame for paint. Clean and scuff up the frame’s finish with sandpaper so it will take paint better. This step is optional. You can leave your frame as is if you prefer, or paint it a bright and cheerful color!

DIY fabric organizer board project

Step 2: Spray painting

Spray paint the frame with a few coats of spray paint, allowing proper drying time between each coat (as indicated on the back of the bottle).

Step 3: Ironing the fabric

While the paint is drying on your frame, iron your fabric to prep for cutting.

Step 4: Cutting process

Measure the width of your frame and layout how you would like to set up your organizer board. Here we went with 2 pockets. To create this we cut 1 large piece that was a few inches wider and taller than the opening of the frame and 2 strips that were 1/2 the size of the larger piece. These will be skinnier strips.

DIY fabric organizer board project

Step 5: Skyny pockets

With the 2 skinny strips, hem the top sides by using a piece of iron on binding to fold over a small sliver of the fabric and fuse it to itself.

DIY fabric organizer board project

Step 6: Attach

When both pieces have been hemmed, attach them to the large piece of fabric that you cut for the background. Here we staggered the 2 skinny pieces of fabric to create rows. The first one we placed directly in the middle of the larger piece of fabric. Use another piece of iron on binding and the iron to attach the bottom part of the top fabric to the back piece of the larger fabric.

DIY fabric organizer board project

Step 7: Second pocket

Repeat step 6 but with the second piece shifted to the bottom of the larger piece of fabric. This will create the second pocket and give the pockets a staggered appearance.

DIY fabric organizer board project

Step 8: Staple gun

Lastly, use a staple gun with short staples to staple the fabric in place on the back of the frame. Pull the fabric tight to keep the pockets and the background fabric stable.

DIY fabric organizer board project

Store your paint chips, letters, notebooks, office notes or other papers in the pockets to keep your space organized!