Wallissimo Bamboo Silhouette

It is true that white walls create the impression of space and cleanliness, but they also create a feeling of coldness and emptiness and the sensation you have when you enter hospitals or some other public places without personality. That is why I do believe that people should decorate their homes with smaller or bigger objects that can show their personality and taste. This Wallissimo Bamboo Silhouette is perfect because it is special ad it brings a nature corner, even though stylized, into your home.

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But this is only one of the many silhouettes you can choose from if you ever visit Wallissimo web site. Their designer called Patricia had the great idea of making these black silhouettes especially for walls in order to bring a special memory or thing you like into your home. These silhouettes are made of rigid EPVC, a lightweight but strong material which does not stick to the walls.

So this is not just a wallpaper, but rather a home decoration that you can remove from the wall or flip it over, place it in another room and simply take it away. And what I find even more interesting and appealing is the fact that you can have your own personalized silhouette if you visit France for example and want a reminder of the Eiffel Tower in your living room. Prices differ depending on size and model. For example this bamboo silhouette can be bought for $69 (20×30), $108 (32×48) or $186 (48×70).