Wall Stickers Ideas

Wall stickers have become very popular nowadays and one of the benefits that I particularly like best is that they are so easy to use. You just peel the backing off and stick them to the wall.

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So if you want to have a different look in your home and try a new design, you don’t have to turn everything upside down and start re-painting the walls and moving the furniture: you simply pick a sticker and use it to change the face of your house fast and effective. Wall Print collection is made of a variety of designs of these “new age” wall decals we can make our own little piece of the world ours; reflecting our singular personality.Enjoy! You can use white stickers on coloured walls and the visual impact will be amazing.

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Or you can use wall stickers that are chosen to continue the idea starting in the room, to match the furniture and the general style of the room, plus the colour. There are a few creative ideas below so take a look at the pictures and get inspired from them.