Ventana Vista Bookshelf

People have used wood for buildings and furniture long before they invented the nails. So they used certain innovative and intelligent ways of combining and linking wood so as not to use any nails or screws, but the furniture parts will still be in place. Some of these techniques are still used in China and in other parts of the world and they are illustrated in the design of such furniture items like this Ventana Vista Bookshelf.

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The name of the designer is Maria Yee and she succeeded to introduce a huge “V” in the middle of the shelves. It looks great and bold, modern and cool. The material used is solid chestnut and Chinese hardwood. The bookshelf has two rectangular also wooden short legs that allow you to move the shelves from one room to another easily without having to unbolt them from the walls. The shape and size show you that this piece of furniture can be used for storing different other objects and decorations, not only books. It is made only if you order one such item for $1,529.