Tufted walls – a cozy and elegant alternative for most rooms

Accent walls are a very nice way of creating focal points in a space. There are lots of different options for accent walls and, among those, tufted walls are one of the most interesting and intriguing ones. They are great not only as accent elements but also as an alternative for regular walls.They are wonderful in bedrooms, especially for kids’ rooms but they can also be adapted to other spaces such as the dining room or media room.

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This lovely girl’s room is very stylish and inviting. It seems very cozy and welcoming and that’s partially because of the friendly textured used in the décor. The tufted wall, for example, provides a very interesting background for the bed and headboard. It was kept white in order to maintain the simplicity of the décor.

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A tufted wall can also be an elegant detail in a guest room. This room, for example, features a black tufted wall paired with simple but sophisticated accent details that include the chic lighting fixtures and the bedside tables. The tufted wall also serves as a replacement for the headboard.

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Even though mostly suitable for bedrooms because of their friendly texture and ability to add warmth and coziness to a décor, tufted walls can also be included in the design of other spaces. For example, this is a dining room with an overall traditional design, elegant chandelier and furniture and a beautiful beige tufted headboard that forms a cozy sitting nook.

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A media room could also benefit from the presence of tufted walls. The media room is a space that needs to feel cozy, comfortable and relaxing and tufted walls can greatly enhance those attributes of the décor. Add comfortable furniture and rich curtains, maybe even a nicely textured rug or carpet, and you’ll get a very inviting room.

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