Stylish Seating Arrangements With Built-In Bookcases

Those that enjoy reading can definitely appreciate a well-placed bookcase or a shelf on which to stash a favorite book close to a comfortable chair or bench. But there’s no need to be that ingenious when there are others who are ready to do this for you. we”re talking about creative designers that find new and innovative ways to combine these two functions: book storage and seating. We’ll explore some of the unique features they offer as well as some ways in which you can take advantage of them.

Ofo Chair

A good example of modern design able to incorporate multiple functions is that of the OFO chair by Solovyov Design Studio. The chair comes in a variety of colors and is a really interesting piece of furniture. We’ll call it a hybrid since it’s both a chair and a bookcase.

Ransa Chair Reading Younes Design

The Ransa sofa designed by Younes Duret is another example of how simplicity can be multifunctional and a lot more complex than previously anticipated. The sofa allows the user to seemingly levitate above the books which are stored on a platform just under the seat.

Favorite corner reading with natural light

We’re a bit unsure regarding how we should call this piece. It’s a sort of sleek and elongated bookcase that also serves as a chair, although neither of these two functions is represented in a traditional way. This minimalist piece is called Bucefalo and was designed by Emanuele Canova.

Favorite corner reading with natural light

 Named Fishbol, this simplistic chair offers storage compartments for a book collection and it’s a piece that could be used in libraries or reading corners. It doesn’t stand out with its design but it does impress with its functionality.

Favorite corner reading with natural light

Marcial Ahsayane came up with an interesting design for a piece called the CUL Sofa. I guess it is pretty cool to have such an ingenious-looking piece of furniture in your home. It doesn’t actually stand out that much but it definitely has plenty of character.

Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

The design of the Luxury Club library bookcase chair is not that unusual although this doesn’t mean the piece isn’t eye-catching. The chair’s deep seat makes it a very comfortable piece of furniture, perfect for reading a good book and relaxing while the integrated storage compartment is perfect for storing reading material. Available on Etsy.

Sunflower bookcase seating

The Sunflower Chair was created by He Mu and Zhang Qian and guess what? It resembles a sunflower. But it’s not a very suggestive resemblance but rather an abstract one. The chair has a round seat framed by a series of small storage compartments for books. It’s as if a bookcase was wrapped tightly around it.

Bookworm Bookshelf

Another very interesting piece is the Bookwork chair by Atelier010. It has a unique shape that makes it memorable and it allows the user to sit comfortably and, at the same time, to store quite a few books. This combination of functions gives the chair a particularly attractive look.


There’s no need to waste space with a bookcase or with wall-mounted shelves if you want to create a reading nook in your home. All you need is the Bibliochaise, a chair with built-in storage for your favorite books. It’s as if you’re sitting on a pile of books and have the comfort offered by a chair.

Bookcase and chair in the same time

The design of the Paciocco chair is quite different from everything we’ve mentioned so far. The chair is made of solid ash wood and can be easily assembled without using any screws or glue. The seat is suspended and appears to be inspired by a hammock and the space underneath it is used as a storage area for books but also for other objects.{found on behance}.

Library Chair

Studio TILT came up with the design for a modern chair that features storage systems for books and magazines. Keep your favorite books to your right and your magazines and newspapers to your left. Everything is organized, easy to grab and cleverly integrated into a very comfortable and good-looking piece of furniture.

Another armchair with storage for books

A somewhat similar approach was used when designing this bookshelf chair. The concept is not unseen but the design is a bit different from what we’ve looked at so far. The chair is simple-looking and this allows it to be versatile and to suit a lot of different styles and environments.

Cube chair with bookcase

Tatik is a hybrid piece, like all the other ones here. It’s a combination between an armchair and a bookcase and it was designed in a way that allows the user to sit comfortably while reading and to have the books embedded into the chair.{found on tembolat}.

Custom designed circular window space for books

This is a custom-designed space and the round bookcase is like a big frame for the window. And what better way to turn this into a cozy and welcoming reading nook than by adding a quirky-looking chair like the one here?

Cave Bookcase

If you enjoy being surrounded by your favorite reading material, then perhaps a piece such as the Cave Bookshelf would be a good addition to your home. It was designed by Sakura Adachi and it has a dose of mystery and inexplicable charm which allow it to be loved by both children and adults.

Simple curved chair with bookcase

Speaking of which, kids enjoy reading too, even more so than some adults. This cute design of a reading nook makes this activity a lot more enjoyable. The unusual shape and the way the books are organized make the piece really attractive. Available on site.

Funky shaped furniture with bookcase

Kids love funny-shaped furniture and this is a fact you can use if you want to make a certain activity more pleasant for them. For example, perhaps they’d enjoy reading more if they had a cute chair like this one. It’s not just a chair. It also has storage for books built into its frame. Of course, that space could also be filled with toys.

Window seating bench with storage for books

Sure, all these pieces are interesting and it’s hard to pick one that you think would look good in your own home. It’s not that easy. Everything has to be in sync, like this combination between a bookshelf and a bench that wraps around this living room and interacts with everything around it in a really harmonious way.

Favorite corner reading with natural light

Another good example of a well-placed piece of furniture is this staircase landing. It has a comfy window bench with storage underneath and a series of bookshelves on the adjacent wall. The combination turns this into the perfect reading nook.