Top 13 Outdoor Camping Tent Designs We Love

Sometimes it’s fun to give up the comfort of staying at a hotel and to just use a tent instead. It’s adventurous and it can be a great experience. But using a tent doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the comfort and to suffer. You can pick a tent with a great design that allows you to feel comfortable and that will make your trip substantially better. Here are a few of the most interesting tent designs we could find.

Wedge tent.

The wedge heimplanetView in gallery

This is the Wedge tent. It’s an inflatable tent designed by Heimplanet and it allows you to quickly get installed without much effort. It’s composed of an inner tent, the fly sheet and a stable and robust inflatable frame. It also has an innovative design that allows it to withstand wind.

Gogog Elite Tent.

Nemo gogo elite tentView in gallery

The Gogo Elite Tent is designed by Nemo and its most impressive feature is that, when packet, it occupies very little space and it’s also lightweight. You can take it with you on your bike for example and it wouldn’t incommode you in any way. The tent can only accommodate 1 person and it has an inflatable structure.

Suspended Tent.

Tentsile stingray kickstarter 7View in gallery

Tentsile stingray kickstarterView in gallery

This tent is a little more unusual. Dubbed Stingray because of tis shape, the tent is manufacture by Tentsile. It’s a suspended tent, a sort of combination between a hammock and a regular tent. It features three straps, two poles and a polyester fly sheet. With this tent you’ll be able to sleep up in the air without feeling the coldness of the ground and without having to worry about ants and other insects.

North Face Dome Tent.

The North Face Dome Tent 1View in gallery

This is a tent made to accommodate 8 persons. It’s shaped like a dome and it’s extremely durable. The 2-Meter Dome can withstand harsh weather conditions and you’ll be able to feel cozy inside even when there’s a storm outside. With a tent like this one you have nothing to worry about.Available on site.

Expedition II Tent.

Expedition II Tent by Redverz 2View in gallery

Expedition II Tent by Redverz 1View in gallery

For those of you who like taking trips on your bike or motorcycle it must be quite disturbing to have to leave your two wheeled companion outside during the night. Well you don’t have to because we found a tent designed just for you. This is the Series II Expedition Tent. It was designed by Redverz Gear and it can accommodate 2 adults and a garage.

Luminair Tree Tent.

Luminaire tree tent 3View in gallery

Luminaire tree tentView in gallery

The idea of having a suspended tent is actually quite interesting. So here’s another one. This is the Tree Tent created by Luminair. It has a hybrid aluminum and steam-bent green ash frame and a waterproof cotton canvas skin. It measures 3 meters in diameter so two adults should feel very comfortable inside. Inside the tent you can have two side benches that can fold to become single bends as well as a thermal liner. Other options include an under floor water storage tank and pump and a battery pack and a solar charger. I think we can all agree that this is more than just a tent.

Shelter Co. Tent.

Shelterco 1View in gallery

Shelterco 0View in gallery

For those of you that don’t really want to give the comfort of their bed we have a special type of tent. This is the Shelter Co. tent. Its basic package includes the furnished tent and restroom but you can also opt for food catering, event planning and activities. It’s a tent that comes with everything else you need in the trip.

Strawberries & Cream Bell Tent.

TentView in gallery

This bell tent is also very interesting. It’s easy to install and once you’ve done that you can step inside your bedroom area. It comes with a ZIG groundsheet and it measures 4 meters in diameter and 2.5 meter in height. It’s spacious enough for you to furnish it and to make it look like your own bedroom or living room.Found on site.

Eezi-Awn Roof Tent.

Eeziawn1View in gallery

Eeziawn2View in gallery

Eeziawn3View in gallery

This is a tent that was designed to set up right on the roof of your car. It’s a sort of portable shelter that you can take with you. It’s made from heavy rip-stop canvas that will keep the cold out and that will protect you from rain and snow. The aluminum framework also guaranteed that the tent can withstand wind. The mattress provides insulated flooring and will make your trip comfortable.Found on site.

Melon Tent.

Whatamel tentView in gallery

What would you think if you were to walk on the beach and see a giant slice of watermelon? Well after you’ll see this tent you’ll definitely know what it is. This is a tent with a very delicious and refreshing design. It’s colorful and fun and it will definitely cheer you up even when it’s raining outside.Available on site.

VW Tent.

Tent carView in gallery

This is the VW Camper Van Tent. It’s a four-person tent and a full-size replica of the 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van. It has 2 zip-separated double-size rooms and it’s definitely a very original tent. It looks very realistic and you might even fool someone with it.Available on site.

Carbon Fiber Roof Top Camper Tent.

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber Roof Top Camper Tent 0View in gallery

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber Roof Top Camper Tent 1View in gallery

If you don’t want to sleep on the ground but you don’t really like the idea of sleeping in the car either, we have the perfect solution. A tent that will mount directly onto existing rails or roof bars of your car. It’s basically just a carbon fiber box and it’s lightweight as well as very resistant. It’s waterproof and windproof and it easily folds and unfolds.Available on site.

Dewdrop Treetents.

Tree tents 4550x367View in gallery

Tree tents 1View in gallery

This raindrop shaped tree tent is definitely something you don’t see every day. It was designed by sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar. Originally, it was designed for the Road Alert Group in England. It provided a comfortable place for them to stay during their habitation of the forest and prevented the trees from being cut down at the same time. The tent is made of a steel frame wrapped in canvas and inside it has a hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress.{found on site}.