The tree coat rack from Cascando

I think that each home has its own style, the tiny details that make it special, details that are brought by the owner of the place, the people living there. They imprint their personality in the whole appearance of a home and make it “personalized”, special. Otherwise it would look like an impersonal hotel room, where everyone can come and go and feel nice , but not just like home. And these little details make the difference. For example if you have a minimalistic style modern house, you may want to bring some color into it and an unexpected funny detail and you buy this unusual and interesting at the same time Tree coat rack. It was designed by Robert Brownwasser for Cascando and I personally love it.


As you can see from the pictures, these little “trees ” are actually stylized coat racks that look like trees but are used for hanging coats. They are available in more than just one color, all of them reminding you of nature colors like warm gray, yellow-green and white. It looks like a tree and is made of a four-pieces trunk that make it possible to stand and support up to twenty coats. It is part of the Nature series created by this designer especially for bringing a natural touch inside your homes. Beside this coat rack the series also contains a table set and a coat hanger that can be fixed to a  wall.

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The sweet natural colors and the unusual design that make the coat rack look like a tree make a successful combination and reflect your personality and style. It is useful and nice looking, modern and old fashioned – all in one. If you are inspired enough to complete the whole aspect of your hallway with a nice rug in the fall colors and some similar paint on the walls I can guarantee a sound effect on your visitors.