The small Haus BRU 1.25 – an economic alternative to traditional dwellings

Haus 1.25 is a small dwelling located in Heimertingen, Bavaria, Germany. It was a project developed by SoHo Architektur and completed in 2008. The house covers an area of only 90 square meters so it’s a surprisingly small structure that, nevertheless, offers the same comfort as most houses of larger size.The project was developed with few concerns in mind. One of them was the cost that ended up at 125,000 Euro.

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So all the decisions related to construction methods, materials and quality were related to the cost and the way it relates to these concepts. The house was developed for a couple, more exactly for the architect’s brother – BRU 1.25. The couple’s requests were simple and clear. This made everything easier for the team working at the project and allowed everything to go along smoothly and quickly.

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For the interior, the architect used screed as finished flooring and visible insulation strips between the floor and the walls. For the façade cladding and the roof corrugated cement fiber panels were used and this eliminated the need for rain pipes and gutters that also helped reduce the cost of the project. Inside, the house features a double floor height dining area that connects the first and second floor. The house also has a wooden deck that connects it to the garage and offers a private outdoor space.{found on archdaily}.