The Skate Bookshelves

As a mother I can tell you that the only way to make some order in your kids room is to find some things that you can use to deposit their stuff, things that look cool for them and are attractive for their age, whatever that might be. If you try to impose your decision or taste in furniture or in the room design you will find the new furniture that you like so much broken “by accident” or something similar. So take them with you when you decide what furniture to buy for their room or involve them in deciding the design of the room. For example you can suggest them this really cool Skate bookshelf that is (or at least looks like) made of skateboards and that will be used for storing books.

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These modern and funny bookshelves are made of three skateboards horizontally and three vertically that intertwine each other with the help of some tiny canals carved in the wood. It’s fun and very useful, too, as these shelves can be used for all the books and magazines your kids spread all over the place. You can do that for real, from old skateboards, but you’d better find a specialist that will be able to use some wooden boards to obtain some components that only looks like skateboards. You can keep the original skateboard design or you can paint the whole furniture with only one color, preferably black or brown and then apply a layer of transparent lacquer. I guess these shelves are very good for both books and DVDs or CDs and can be just what your boy wants in his room.