The modular Rolly shelf unit

This is the Rolly Shelf unit. It’s a modular shelving unit that was designed by Matt Carr. It’s one of those units that you can model like a puzzle. The Rolly Shelf unit is made of walnut wood. It has a lacquer finish that enhances the grain and the texture of the wood as well as its natural beauty. It also protects the wood from deteriorating. The element that distinguishes this piece of furniture from all the other ones is its ability to be reconfigured.

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The Rolly Shelf system is a modular unit made of several independent pieces that can be reconfigured in order to create multiple stacking configurations. This allows you to adapt the unit to the space you have available and to also create a really original system that responds to your needs. Choose the configurations that better suits your needs and space. Yu can try out several options before you make up your mind. This unit is like a toy. You can play with it until you find the perfect look. After that you want to preserve and to let the other admire it as well.

Matt Carr’s modular shelving unit is particularly useful in corners. The pieces can be arranged in a way that takes full advantage of the space. Another great thing about this unit is that you basically never get bored with it. You can constantly change its look and you get a whole new piece of furniture. It’s both fun and practical. The dimensions of the unit vary. The height is 57.5’’ or 146 cm but the length varies depending upon the shelving configuration. The total shelf surface is 47 x 15.75’’ (119 x 40 cm). You can buy the Rolly shelf unit for €687.50. It would make a great addition to a small living room or dining room.