The Big Semiahmoo Green Wall by Green Over Grey

Green walls or also called the living walls are great for the crowded cities where the green spots are almost inexistent. They offer an oasis of relaxation for our eyes and a resting place for the small insects, butterflies or birds.

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The buildings also benefit from the coolness and shade offered by these green walls which purify the air and protect the building from the heat of the sun or other bad natural factors.

Semiahmoo Public Library and RCMP Facility is another building that benefits from the advantages brought by the existence of the big Semiahmoo Green Wall, the largest outdoor green wall in North America. It is designed by Green Over Grey, a Canadian company which usually develops such kind of projects.

This wonderful green wall is located in White Rock, a suburb of Vancouver and covers a surface of 3000 square feet. This amazing thing is that consists of over 10,000 individual plants which represent more than 120 species .The technology used is that of soil free when plants take their water and nutrients from within the vertical support.

The beautiful arrangement of these plants and the relaxing image that offer make of this green wall a great point of attraction for this building that also proves very useful for it.