Summer Decors Infused With White Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is associated with summer, beautiful weather, a breezy atmosphere and the great outdoors. And, of course, the possibilities are extremely numerous, ranging from different types of configurations to numerous patterns, colors and combinations. White wicker furniture is an option that caught our eye with its casual, comfortable and accessible look.


Wicker furniture is mostly used outdoors, on decks, porches, in gardens or on terraces. Because it’s lightweight, this makes it very practical for these spaces, especially if the area is not protected and the furniture needs to be moved inside quite often.{found on tomstringer}.


For a particularly fresh and breezy look, use white wicker furniture on a deck or porch with white flooring, walls and columns. This idea is especially good if the space is small. All the white elements help it look and feel bigger.


Wicker furniture is extremely versatile and able to adapt to a multitude of styles. It can easily adapt to a rustic décor but it can just as easily integrate in a more modern setting. This is a traditional porch featuring a clean but somewhat ornate look.{found on spacecrafting}.


When decorating with white wicker furniture, the combinations of colors, patterns and textures are almost infinite. It’s usually a good idea to add a hint of color using tones which are either coordinating with the surroundings or which contrast with the landscape.{found on dezigninspirations}.


White wicker furniture is also a suitable option for indoor spaces. In a sunroom, an enclosed porch or simply in a casual living room, you can use a matching set of wicker armchairs, coffee table and sofa. The result will be a relaxed, laid-back look.{found on asherarchitects}.


A covered porch can be considered a transitional space, in between the indoor living spaces and the exposed outdoor areas. So the furniture used here needs to reflect that and these white wicker armchairs so a great job at that.{found on turnstonebuilders}.


And even inside the house, wicker furniture can look natural and beautiful, especially if it occupies the space closest to the windows so it maintains a connection with the outdoors. This small dining nook is a wonderful example. The rocks fireplace enhances the overall comfortable look.{found on drmdesign}.


You can also use white wicker furniture to lighten up the mood and the décor if you which the space is too dark and gloomy. The wicker furniture will stand out by contrast and it will also transform the whole space. A good strategy for traditional decks like this one.{found  on boardwalkdesign}.


White wicker furniture combined with blue accents and simple, geometric patterns such as chevron stripes is the way to go when you’re trying to create a coastal look for your home. Add a few other accessories and decorations that can sustain this look.{found on highgatehouse}.


Don’t be fooled with the rustic appeal and the laid-back look of wicker furniture. It can also look stunning in more modern and sophisticated settings. It’s all a matter of design, form and attention to details.{found on zorzi}.