Gorgeous Designs and Ideas For Your Very Own Succulent Garden

Working with succulents is very refreshing and a lot of times very rewarding because they look great and they come in lots of different varieties. Succulents are also quite easy to care for and some produce flowers which look lovely. They do well indoors and they can also be brought out in the garden or the yard. With that in mind, we have a few ideas to share with you today regarding succulent gardens and all the cool ways to make them look amazing

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As we mentioned already, there are lots and lots of different types of succulents. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and even in different colors which is super exciting. If you want to focus on this beautiful diversity you could have a bunch of succulents gathered in a tiered container out in the garden. This gorgeous tiered fountain featured on ranchoreubidoux is a great source of inspiration when it comes to the design and overall arrangement.

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Given all the different types of succulents and the differences in color grouping them together and creating colorful displays is irresistible. A lot of them are also very unpretentious and can be easily transplanted out in the garden so you can create lush and beautiful combinations. A lot of succulents are low profile and don’t grow very tall but you can mix in a few other types of plants if you want to add some height.

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An interesting thing that you can do with succulents is to make a sphere like the one featured on drought-smart-plants. You can hang the sphere or you can place it in a planter. In any case, it will look like a big, round bouquet of succulents. To get this shape you need two hanging wire baskets. At the center of the sphere there’s soil and while this will not last forever it will look gorgeous for a season or two.

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Make a cute custom planter for your favorite succulents. One of our favorite ideas comes from billabong and involves seashells. You can gather these next time you visit the beach or you may already have some. Ho head and glue them one by one onto a planter creating layers, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom.

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Turning an old chair into a unique planter is another gorgeous idea and a great way to upcycle old furniture. The idea is to cut out a hole into the seat of the chair and fit a container inside, add soil and then bring in all your favorite succulents. Of course, other types of plants and flowers would work as well. This idea is inspired by a succulent garden featured on yourgreatfinds.

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A succulent pot in a pot, that’s definitely not something you come across every day. This is a really cute and unusual way of displaying succulents and a fun project for anyone to try. It looks like a 3D art piece made using rather unexpected materials and there are lots of ways to customize and personalize this design if you ever wanted to. More details about this project can be found on craftberrybush.

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Given how unpretentious succulents are, you can experiment with all sorts of different planters and containers and come up with all sorts of cool ways to personalize them. For example, you could turn metal containers such as empty cans and tins into succulent planters. You can add little rope handles to them to make them look like baskets or you can punch holes and hang them in front of your window or outside on the porch. Check out ladyandtheblog for additional details and instructions.

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You can combine several succulents into the same pot to create a beautiful and diversified mix. It could be a good idea to add lava rock to the bottom of the planter to help with drainage. You can place these on top of some landscaping fabric and then add potting soil on top. After that you can have a big succulent at the center followed by a few smaller ones around the edge. Cascading succulents can be added at the end as finishing touches. If you like this combo, check out the tutorial for this planter on domestically-speaking.

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Check out this amazing succulent wall. Isn’t it gorgeous? You’ll be happy to know it’s not a difficult custom project and you could quite easily make something similar for your own garden. The wall is made by stacking cinderblocks in different directions. The protruding sections were turned into planters for succulents. The wall looks really chic and modern, especially because of the dark color of the cinderblocks. The greenery stands out and adds a lot of character to this section of the garden. For more details, head over to abeautifulmess.

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These succulent planters have a lovely farmhouse-inspired look and can potentially fit beautifully in a garden or on a porch. There’s two of them and the whole thing consists of a metal frame holding up two killie pots. There’s a little bit of rust throwing through at the bottom, hence the farmhouse look. It would be quite easy to come up with a similar design using some of the items at your disposal. For additional details and inspiration, head over to thehoneycombhome

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Succulents are excellent if you want to create a drought-tolerant garden. They go really well with various types of cacti and they’re easy to work with in general. Check out this breezy and airy Mediterranean landscape that Gardens by Gabriel created. It’s simple yet full of life and it looks lush while at the same time being very resilient. It’s a wonderful balance.

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Succulents can also be used as accent plants. In this garden created by studio Debora Carl landscape design the succulents add freshness and color to the space and cover up the soil like a beautiful blanket. They maintain a low profile and they’re combined with other tall special of plants which shoot out and stand up tall, being complemented by all the succulents around them.

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Succulents are also excellent if you want to create a drought-resistant front yard. They look lush, green and fresh even when they’re surrounded by dry land and exposed to harsh sunlight and you can make them stand out even more by covering up the soil with crushed rock or sand or pebbles.

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A really great thing about succulents is that you don’t need a big garden or yard to enjoy them. Even if you have little space at your disposal you can still enjoy your very own succulent garden. This one is absolutely lovely. Lots of different types of succulents are grouped up in a series of wooden planters and they can be easily moved around and taken outside on the porch or brought indoors when the weather gets too harsh.