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Thinking Through Double-Duty Furniture in Small Spaces – Storage Seat Ideas

There’s something really great about storage seats. Not only do they help you store and conceal extra items around the house, but because they double as a seat, they are very useful and versatile. Storage seats no longer mean unsightly bins toward the edge of your living space, bedroom, or playroom, but can often add extra decorative flair into a living space and even provide some overall room décor.

Storage Seat Ideas

Whether you need a large storage seat or a small one, a more modern style or a more traditional style, there are so many storage seats designs that are sure to meet everyone’s criteria. We’ve got a rundown on some of the most popular storage seat concepts out there to help you decide just which kind of storage seat would be best for your living space.

Benefits of a Storage Seat

A storage seat doesn’t only add an extra chair or bench into a space, but they can easily store so many loose items in a bedroom, living room, playroom, or office. They are a great way to tactfully and discretely pack away things that you want to also keep accessible in a room. A storage seat will help you keep things more organized all while providing an extra chair or seat within a room. Whenever you have company over for the holidays or a special event, the seating options seem to go pretty quickly. With a storage seat, you can easily use it as part of your seating options, and no one will really know that you have extra items stored within the storage seat.

They are easy to use, multifunctional and come in so many different styles, colors, and designs, that you could easily incorporate storage seats into multiple rooms of the home. Any room where there could be guests, there could essentially be a storage seat. These storage seats are also super convenient whenever you have things you need to store away quickly. You can easily gather up your items and place them into your storage seat if you have guests coming over immediately instead of trying to find a place for all these things right away. They are a definite time save when it comes to being able to organize a room and will work in all sorts of different environments.

What to Store in a Storage Seat

There are so many things you can store in a storage seat, and, depending on the room, you can pretty much store just about anything. For example, if you have a storage seat in a game room, you can easily store board games and electronic games within a storage seat. This will make the games easy to access and you can compile and put away the items quickly if you had to. This will also save room for other things such as movies if you have an entertainment system or even remote controls for gaming or for the television.

Pillows, blankets, and throws are perfect to be stored within a storage seat because these items tend to clutter up and sometimes need to be put away quickly. If you use your storage seat to store these items, you can have a place for them all of the time instead of leaving them thrown around the room. Sometimes having a throw blanket draped on a couch can look messy, so with a storage seat you can easily store the blanket and take it out whenever you want to use it.

If using a storage seat within a dining room or a formal room, you can store extra linens or fine china that needs to be put away but may also need to be accessed easily and quickly. Storage seats are a better alternative than storing items away in an actual storage unit or an upstairs closet, as you can access these particular items that go within this particular room without having to search the house or closets. These are great for storing away things that need to be kept in that certain space to be used immediately if desired.

Storage Seat Ideas

There are so many great ideas when it comes to storage seats. Whether you like the more traditional look or you want a storage seat that would double as a piece of decoration, there are literally storage seats for every kind of design preference.

Agnes Tufted Storage Ottoman

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

A storage seat that doubles as an ottoman is a modern, nifty way to keep the room organized without anyone really knowing that this piece of furniture is actually a storage seat. It’s best to find a storage seat that can be multifunctional, and when it comes to this chic ottoman, you are certainly combining the ease of storage with the flair or a modern design concept. It’s really the best of both worlds with a fashionable piece of furniture like this one.

George Oliver Shoe Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

What an amazing concept – a perfect place to store and put on your shoes before you go out. Not only will this protect your home from unwanted germs since you won’t be tracking your shoes in and out of the house, but this is the most ideal place to store them, as well. This modern shoe storage bench will neatly keep all of your shoes together, and, as soon as you’re ready to leave the house, you can easily use the bench to sit on to put on your shoes. It’s a great idea that will save you so much closet space and it’s super functional.

Aurora 14″ Round with Storage Ottoman

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This round storage ottoman is a perfect item to keep in a bathroom. You can easily keep extra hand towels, magazines or even toilet paper within a perfectly compact ottoman like this. This ottoman can also double as a small vanity seat or even a seat to keep near the bathtub as your prep your relaxing evening bath. This small ottoman comes in a variety of colors, too, making it a perfect fit for any kind of bathroom décor. Not to mention, it’s absolutely adorable to look at.

Casner Storage Ottoman

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This large storage ottoman design doubles as a beautiful coffee table concept. This large storage ottoman would be great to store magazines, board games, movies, DVDs, records, remote controls – you name it. Since this ottoman is in a living space, you can also easily store throw pillows and blankets, decorative cushions and even holiday seasonal decorations that you don’t want to store in an attic or basement. This is an easy-to-use storage ottoman that comes with a removable lid that can be functional enough to use as a coffee table when you aren’t accessing it for all the extra items you’ve stored. It’s gorgeous and comes in many different colors to choose from, so it will blend in easily into your existing home décor. Not to mention the gorgeous texture to this piece.

2 Tier Soft Seat Shoe Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This soft seat shoe storage bench is a great place to store your shoes and any other extra items you may want to quickly access as you are leaving the house. This is a minimalistic approach to a shoe storage bench that won’t take up much space and is super easy to access. Best yet, it looks great as a decorative item, too, so whether you are taking advantage of that extra storage space or not, it will look great in your entranceway regardless.

Varian 50″ Wide Rectangle Storage Ottoman With Storage

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous ottoman doubles as a great place to rest or store things. With its elegant design and rolled sides, this ottoman will be much more than just a storage space, it will definitely become a prime part of the room’s décor and a definite conversation piece. This is a vintage style that has a modern twist due to the functionality of the piece. It will look great in the room but will also help you keep the room tidy by storing extra items such as magazines and throw blankets.

Napavine 32″ Velvet Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This velvet tufted round storage ottoman is a great piece to incorporate to your modern living room or bedroom. This will easily be a stylish addition to the space as the lush velvet is gorgeous and the actual piece is versatile enough to use as a seat alone, a storage facility or just as a side table. This is a button tufted details lift top which provided plenty of storage space for storing things like blankets, games, books, and other home essentials. This fashionable ottoman is also available in many colors, so you can easily find a color that will work within your existing room décor.

Fernville Hall Tree

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous hall storage tree is an excellent addition to your home as it is a stately hall three that comes with plenty of functionality and decorative charm. This piece comes to you with birch veneers and a rich cherry finish to provide you with plenty of space to hang your coats, bags, purses, keys, or totes. It also has a conveniently built-in bench to store shoes, books, dog leashes and plenty of other items you may need to grab as you’re leaving the house. It is an elegant piece that blends a modern style with traditional American charm.

Allbritton Metal Storage Bench Flip Top Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This metal storage bench comes with a flip-top lid to conveniently use and store plenty of extra items. This bench will become the most perfect accessory to your bedroom or living room space as it comes to you with plenty of rustic details. This bench has intended imperfections to make the space you place it into seem vintage or antique. This would be the perfect storage bench for a basement sitting room, a parlor area or even a sunroom where you can relax, read a magazine, and have a glass of wine after a long day. The top to this storage bench is cushioned, making it a delight to sit on all while being multifunctional.

Santa Cruz Upholstered Cubby Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This upholstered cubby storage bench is the perfect place to keep in your entrance way to store shoes, blankets, bags, and much more. This storage bench is made from solid pine with a woodgrain finish that brings in so much class and sophistication into a space. This storage bench has classic paneling for decorative elements and has three open cubbies with woven wicker baskets to store all sorts of items you may need while leaving the house or items to place in before entering the house. The upholstered seat cushioned is filled with comfy padding so you can easily make this your favorite magazine reading spot, too.

Apruva Wood Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

Sticking to the more traditional side, this wood storage bench is an ideal place to sit and relax all while storing all sorts of household items. This is a rustic looking bench that would look perfect in a hallway, hall, or mudroom. This bench features a split seat design and is ideal for storing items that you’d need before leaving the house such as jackets, coats, boots or bags and shoes. The natural wood finish to this piece is what makes it really emanate that rustic feel into the home.

Brisbane Wooden Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous wooden storage bench comes with thin slats to give it an interesting texture and design. You can easily set this bench outside on a patio or within a garden sitting area to help you sit back and relax on a cool spring day. This bench comes with a weather-resistant finish so you can store all stores of items without worrying about the sun or rain affecting them. It’s a great piece that brings in more of a decorative element into the space all while providing an extra seat to sit on. You can easily store garden chair pillows and hats within this bench, or even gardening tools that are smaller and need to be kept out of the way.

Valerie Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous, tufted ottoman comes with a handsome button tufted deigns with a lift top that would be ideal for storing all kinds of smaller items. This comes to you with a faux leather look making it a classy accent piece for pretty much any area of the house. You can easily place this ottoman at the foot of a bed or even keep it within a hallway if you need a quick place to store shoes and coats.

Rademacher Upholstered Flip top Storage Bench

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This one is perfect for the pet lovers out there. This upholsters flip top storage bench gives your pet a comfy place to curl up for a snooze due to this adorable doghouse style design. This storage bench has an easy to access opening for your dog or cat to curl up inside of and retreat into their own private space for a while. The insides of this piece are easy to clean and you can also store plenty of pet items such as food, bowls and leashes or collars. It’s a truly adorable piece that every pet lover must own in order to keep your dog or cat’s items perfectly organized all while providing him or her a cozy place to relax. Every pet lover will enjoy this super adorable storage bench option.

Dalila 31.75″ Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

Dalila Wide Faux Leather Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

This gorgeous wide faux leather tufted round storage ottoman is sleek and modern and would look great in a modern living room. This ottoman can easily hold all sorts of items such as remote controls for an entertainment system, records, CDs, DVDs, board games and throw pillows all while providing a place to rest a tray on and have afternoon tea. This is a great design that comes in a faux leather finish that is sure to impress all of your guests that get to see it.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there are so many great ways to use a storage seat and so many different styles that you can use within your given living space. From modern to traditional, to rustic and vintage, you can easily find the perfect storage seat design that would look best in your space and even be used as a decorative element in itself, if not a full-blown conversation piece.

There are so many options to choose from and most of these designs come in multiple colors so you can easily find a storage seat that will blend in easily or find a color to really make a room pop. Whatever design of storage seat you choose, you just can’t go wrong with these multifunctional pieces of furniture that will hide away all your extra room items and also provide an extra seat or two if you need it. There is so much to love about these storage seats, and there are so many ways to utilize them to fit within your own home.