Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

Doors are the most unappealing part of the closet but they seem inevitable. Closet curtains, rather than doors, are an attractive option for hiding closet clutter. They provide a more sophisticated look, save space, and are easy to change if you decide that you want to try something new.

Closet curtains
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Further, there are so many options for customization. There are fabrics with a pattern if you want to go bold or a plain neutral for a calm look to blend with the background.

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

In the end, when you install closet curtains, you have the chance to do something interesting with your closet rather than just hide the stuff you don’t want to see.

The Beauty Of the Closet Curtains

As you can imagine, there are endless places to utilize closet curtains such as in a walk-in closet or a wall closet in a bedroom. Further, they are perfect to cover a small hallway closet where the doors get in the way of everything.

Options for hanging a closet curtain
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The easiest way to add closet curtains is to remove the closet doors and replace them with fabric curtains. However, another possibility is to create a separate area in a room with all that you need for dressing. You can do this by sectioning off the area with curtains that you attach to the ceiling.

Options for hanging a closet curtain

You have several options for hanging closet curtains, and these include various types of rods and curtain tracks. These are finished in metals such as gold, brass, chrome, bronze, or black. You can choose one to blend in with the background, or choose a bold color to create a statement all its own.

  1. Tension rod – This is an adjustable rod with a spring inside. This rod allows you to pull it out or push it in to fit on the inside of a door frame. While this might seem like the easiest option, it is not very sturdy. It will sag in the middle if the curtain is heavy or if the closet is wide.
  2. Wall rod – This is an adjustable rod that is mounted on the wall with brackets placed on the outside or above the door frame of a closet. 
  3. Ceiling rod – This rod is hung from the ceiling with brackets similar to those of a wall rod. The advantage of a ceiling rod is that you can mount these anywhere in the room. This allows you to separate an area to create a closet space rather than relying on an already existing closet.
  4. Ceiling track – This is a track with internal hooks that is mounted on the top of the closet frame. This option is tailored, clean, and functional. This is the best option if you want hardware that will not be visible but will still work well. This can also function the same as a ceiling rod. You can mount these on the ceiling to section off an area for the closet. If you want to hide the curtain track, this is done by adding a panel over the track and then painting it to match the color molding of the closet.

How to hang curtains for the closet door

How to hang curtains for the closet door
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How you hang the curtains depends on the method you choose whether a tension rod, a curtain rod, or a ceiling track.

Hanging a curtain with a tension rod

  • First, begin with the longest unextended rod that you can find. Extend to the length of the area between the side door molding.
  • Use a curtain with a pole pocket and mount two curtains on the rod. Fit the rod into place making sure that it is tight against the interior of the door frame.

Hanging a curtain with a closet curtain rod

  • Measure the closet area and then calculate 2-4 inches above this amount.
  • Screw the brackets into the wall or to the ceiling. You may need anchors to handle the weight of the curtains and the rods.
  • Once you have installed the rods, you can hang the curtains. For these types of rods, it is best to use curtains with hooks and clips. 

Hanging a curtain with a track

  • First, place hooks along the track rail at regular intervals, about every 4 inches.
  • Next, either buy clips to attach to the hooks and attach these clips to the top of the curtain. This will create natural folds.
  • If you don’t want to use clips, you can use rings. You will need to add sharp hooks to the back of the curtain to attach to the rings on the track.

How to make curtains for the closet door

This is the perfect DIY project for people who have a bit of sewing experience or those who want to learn with a simple project. For making these types of drapes, you need a large piece of fabric. One great idea that is common with DIYers is to use something like sheets or a drop cloth for the curtains.

  1. Wash and iron the fabric before you begin to prevent any later shrinkage. Measure the opening of the closet. Next, cut the fabric at least 2 to 3 times wider than the opening depending on how full you want your curtain to look when closed.
  2. Hem the bottom and side edges of the curtain and then iron to make sure they are flat.
  3. Hem the top of the curtain. You can attach interfacing if you want the top to be stiff. Once the hem is finished, attach a shirring tape. This allows you to attach hooks or clips to the top of the curtain.
  4. Attach the hooks or rings to a rod or to a curtain track.

Inspiring Closet Curtain Ideas

Think of these closet curtains as a new opportunity to add color, texture, and warmth to bedrooms and closet spaces. We have gathered some of the best ideas we have seen for you to consider.

Closet curtains on a rod

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

Here are two examples of closets with curtains on rods attached to the wall. The first is an existing closet. In the second, the owners have sectioned off an area of the room for a shoe closet.

Sheer closet curtains

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

If you want to elevate the look of curtains in the closet, sheer curtains are a good way to do it. There are storage modules along the walls. The layer of sheer curtains throughout the closet provides an elegant buffer between the contents of the shelves and the closet. Jkrc designed this closet space.

Tailored closet curtains

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

Curtains are better suited than closet doors for areas where space is a concern. Also, they work well in bedrooms where the decor and the ambiance are focused on comfort and relaxation. In this room from Susanmanrao, the curtain provides texture and a deeper neutral tone to balance out the white walls.

Closet curtains IKEA

Closet curtains IKEA

We love this curtain idea from Driven by Decor. She mounts a gold tension rod, the AINA panel from IKEA, and gold rings to hide the closet area. However, this closet is so beautiful that it doesn’t need hiding! The internal organization and the wallpaper are a statement in themselves.

Curtains as dividers in the closet

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

It is also possible to use curtains as dividers inside a large walk-in closet. The curtains delineate a separate area for shoes from the rest of the closet space which is designed to store and organize clothes and accessories.

Closet curtains to add texture

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

We find this picture-perfect closet design inspiring. The details of the closet have a custom and clean look. The fabric curtains serve to hide the contents of the storage unit. However, it also adds flowing texture to soften the straight lines of the room.

Unique rods for closet curtains

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

There are many ways to make closet curtains look original. For example, instead of a standard curtain rod, you can use a beautiful long tree branch or an oar as the rod as they do in this eclectic bedroom.

Closet curtains to the ceiling

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

The interior designer for this bedroom combined this closet curtain with two different uses into one continuous and stylish design. The curtains cover up the wall storage unit and then wrap around the corner to cover up the windows. 

Closet curtains as a room divider

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

Instead of dividing the bedroom suite into two separate areas, this room designed by Vaillo + Irigaray and Beguiristain, uses curtain panels from ceiling to floor to divide the bedroom. Also, the curtain divider between the closet and the sleeping area provides an elegant backdrop for the bed.

Bedroom closet curtains

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

The use of a closet curtain rather than a door adds texture to the bedroom rather than just being neutral. This elegant draping curtain keeps everything inside accessible. Further, it hides the mess-making cleaning up quick work.Housetweaking designed this space.

Closet with a dresser

Closet Curtains to Bring Order to the Chaos

Organizing closet spaces is not easy. However, creating order out of the chaos is easier with closet curtains. They increase your ability to reach the edges of your closet in order to add organization aids like baskets. Also, notice the dresser in the center of the closet. The fit is easier because of the closet curtains rather than closet doors that leave part of the closet inaccessible.

Curtains from the ceiling

Curtains from the ceiling

Jojotastic designed this space and hung a curtain from the ceiling in an attempt to create a closet space where there was none before. They use black iron rods with ivory curtains that blend into the room’s neutral color scheme.

Macramé curtain

Macramé curtain
Urban Outfitters

This macramé curtain is perfect for a dorm closet curtain. You can hang these with just a few removable hooks. Also, the clothes are visible but not obvious, providing a good incentive for quick dressing and stellar organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can I use curtains for closet doors?

Yes, curtains for closet doors are a great idea as they can hide all the items of the closet with a look that is more custom than closet doors. Further, you can add more space with curtains than with closet doors in order to add furniture like a dresser into the closet. If you feel intimidated by this project, contact a local contractor to help you put up a curtain track or rod. It will take them a short time, but create a world of difference for you.

What size are closet curtains?

In order to have enough width to fold in an attractive way and to cover the opening of the closet, choose a curtain that is 2 to 3 times wider than the width of the door frame.

How can I hide my closet without doors?

Drapes are a good option for covering the opening of a closet without doors. These can be curtains of all kinds and look great in many different rooms like standard drapes, macrame curtains, or even beaded curtains.

How do you measure for closet curtains?

This answer depends on the location of where you want to hang the curtain, i.e. with a wall or ceiling rod or a tension rod or ceiling track. Take this into consideration as you measure for the curtain to cover the closet. First, measure the width of the area that you are going to cover. Add at least 2 to 3 times the amount to make sure that you have ample width for the fabric to drape. Next, take this whole number and divide it by the number of panels that you want to have. Two is the most common number of panels. To determine the other side of the curtains, measure the area that you want to cover from top to bottom. This number is the length of the curtains.

Should I have an open closet?

Open closets look great in Pinterest photos. However, once you realize that you can’t keep them organized the way that you would like, covering the closet is more practical.

How can I organize my closet?

Some helpful tips for organizing a closet are to buy sets of slim and matching hangers to unify the look. Look for deals to buy complementing baskets to organize small detail items like socks, belts, and underclothing. Group clothing by kind: pants, shirts, long dresser, and the like. Last, add a small dresser to your closet area if it will fit. This will give you a central place to organize your stuff.

Closet Curtains: Conclusion

Closets may not be the first thing you think of when considering the design of a room, but they are an important part of the room. They help us stay organized and present a cohesive picture to the world.

Closet curtains are a surprising but practical option for covering a closet that allows us to have more space in these areas. Further, they can be a bonus in that the style of the curtains can add to the overall aesthetic design of a room in a way that closet doors cannot.