Solutions for giving your living room personality

Most of us decorate the entire house in the same time for many reasons. The need to use the space is one of important matter and also the mess created during   construction or renovation. Of course after a while we get bored and want to try something new, but let’s face it, costs have always been a problem. The solution would be to decorate just  one key room and to give personality which will spread into the entire house. Let’s take a look at some decorative ideas :

Wallpaper fusion

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If you want to give your room a lift with a delicately patterned floral wallpaper it is recommended to choose carefully the place for using it, to obtain the maximum effect. Accessories shouldn’t be forgotten. You can use delicate ceramic objects in a complementary shade. The main idea is to create the desired effect without being overpowering.

Oriental style

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Thinking outside the box is a feature that not many people manage to  explore it. By turning your room in a cozy Oriental- inspired  den you show appreciation for a culture thousands and thousands year old. You will achieve comfort with low sofas , cushions , rich colors and architectural details like the shaped doorway .The Moroccan style uses shades such as teal and yellow. Carefully though, avoid making the place look too overdone.

Bold colors

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Keeping things simple and using monochromatic colors is a modern feature of the interior design. Try to mix the modern white  with bold primary colors. The result will be spectacular as long as you keep a few things in your mind. Pick a maximum of two shades to play with and most important try to break the room into zones by keeping the colors separate. This modern solution is great if you are dealing with  an open-plan living room. I promise that your eyes will be ecstatic.

Tone-on-tone color

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If you like a particular color I don’t see why you can’t go an saturate the room with it. The essence here is to explore and use all the different shades and tones to make the room look modern. Along with a modular sofa  like this one you can design the perfect place for the entire family . This particularly design can be applied on small and  medium sized rooms to get  the most from de desired theme.

Stylish stencils

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If you like a certain object’s pattern or you have seen a interesting design somewhere all you have to do is pick the colors and use them as the base for your walls, furniture and accessories .Stencils don’t always have to be small and pretty. If you think big enough you can cover an entire wall in a design. Like this oriental- style willow motif. Now,   that you have seen it happening,  is  going to take  only  your imagination  and taste to create a marvelous, original interior.

Oversized pieces

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The best way to have fun with your traditional living room is to mess with the accessories. A cool , neutral  living room like this one with bright colors and comfortable sitting  is animated by a cool oversized lamp .In that manner you can create really interesting things and effects  by over sizing  your own objects and place them as you like. The cool effect will be guaranteed.

Wall Art

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Whatever the interior design hanging striking wall art over the place will change the entire essence of the interior. You will have to be very careful  when choosing what to hang on the wall depending on what message you want to transmit. The colors  picked should complement your overall color scheme. In this room neutral beige  and chocolate tones make the artwork pop, attracting the viewer’s eye  by contrast on the upper part of the walls.

Bright punchy colors

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An interesting solution is presented for you in case that you have been blessed with high ceiling and windows. To create a fresh , playful design use blocks of bright punchy color to liven up your room. Don’t paint the walls all the way up to the ceilings. Leave the paintjob rough and uneven edges like this turquoise example over here. A beautiful mixture of vivid colors complemented by plenty of natural light is your  recipe for success.

Geometric details

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A regular shape ensures a clean simple line for you design. This is a starting point in creating a cool look for your room if you are planning to use geometric details. For this it takes only one wall or element to “wear” such a motif because of its strong nature. Using it right,  like in this example with  simple sofas and armchairs having only  straight lines and  basic  geometric forms to ensure a streamlined look.

Statement stripes

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Striped wallpaper has always been used in bold interior decorations. The cool idea shown here is to turn the trend on its head and instead of using a vertical stripe opt for a whole room of horizontal stripes instead. It will match perfectly with a retro-style finish. Furniture has to be highlighted by plenty of natural light and together will complement beautifully the  entire place.

These are the solutions proposed for your interior makeover. Hopefully one of these methods of decorating and combinig decorative elements will apply to you  and will represent the answer to your question regarding home decoration  ideas.{picture 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10}