Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Materials can make all the difference in the world when choosing ways to enhance your kitchen. When trying to decorate and improve your home do you ever think of glass to brighten, enhance, and use for its reflective properties? Glass is one of the most used materials already in our homes. Windows naturally enhance our homes, but glass used in our kitchens and furniture is becoming more of a design trend than ever before.

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Kitchen cabinets with glass doors let in light

Here are simple ideas to change your home interiors with glass. Whether you choose to add it in your kitchen in cabinetry, decor or even countertops, here are some inspiring ideas to use glass.

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Brighten your kitchen with cabinet glass

Glass naturally brightens any kitchen:

The beautiful property about glass is its reflective properties that allow spaces to feel larger and more spacious. When used in kitchens and bathrooms countertops/backsplashes, glass enables the space to look sleeker and modern. Glass blocks can be used in kitchen walls to bring in light from surrounding rooms, or even used in countertop. Try using glass in cabinetry doors to enhance the look of your dinnerware and collectibles. Install under cabinet lighting inside of cabinets to illuminate special pieces.

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Kitchen glass countertop ideas

Furniture and home decor to compliment your kitchen:

Many rooms can influence your kitchen, and borrowing some decorative glass elements from your living room and dining rooms can lend influence. Glass has always made beautiful tables, but it also makes a beautiful material to pair up with other home finishes such as wood, metal, leather, and instantly feel a urban loft appeal to your space.

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Glass counter ideas for your kitchen

Since glass makes your interiors more reflective, pair glass up with these materials in your couches, chairs, ottomans and even artwork! Glass also works well as a divider wall between your kitchen and dining room area. The options are limitless when it comes to glass.

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Use glass dividers between the kitchen and adjacent rooms

Your kitchen can use glass from countertops and cabinets to accents in your tile. Glass ceramic tile used in mosaic backsplashes or behind your stove can add reflectivity as well. If you have dark kitchen that doesn’t receive much natural light, paint the walls a lighter color and add glass front cabinetry, lighting fixtures, or install glass block walls to borrow light from adjacent rooms. Glass lighting fixtures can bring in added sparkle that you didn’t realize was missing. Look through your favorite interiors lighting magazine, glass pendants, chandeliers and table lamps all will add a needed brightness to spark your home’s appeal.  Just when you thought your kitchen was dull and boring, bring glass into its interiors and brighten it up!

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