Best Furniture For a Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic can easily invoke images of walls covered in floral wallpaper and pillows covered in lace and bookshelves covered in teacups. But you’ll be happy to know that this girly style has evolved over time into a style that embraces femininity and simplicity. Shabby Chic decor nowadays showcases natural textures and simple fibers in a way that will make you want to add some Shabby Chic furniture to your home, no matter what style you already decorate with. Take a look at the best furniture roundup for a Shabby Chic living room and don’t worry. It isn’t all covered in roses.


Linen Astrid Settee

Pastel is always a good idea when it comes to Shabby Chic decorating. If you aren’t a fan of blush pink, go for this powder blue sofa that will remind you of the summer sky each time you sit down. (via Anthropologie)

STOCKSUND sofa from ikea

The rolled arms on this IKEA sofa are a classic style for Shabby Chic furniture. That pattern gives you an option for flowers that won’t make you think of your Grandma’s living room every day. (via IKEA)

Shabby striped couch

Stripes anyone? You might be thinking that this sofa looks very French… and you’d be right! Lots of the French Country decor can be used in a Shabby Chic home, due to all the textures and colors they have in common. (via Terrain)

Linen Claribel Sofa

There’s nothing like a white linen sofa, am I right? The gentle curves and ornate legs create the perfect Shabby Chic combination for your living room. Just add a rosy throw pillow and you’re ready to go. (via Anthropologie)

Tessa Loveseat

You just can’t have a Shabby Chic roundup without a rose covered sofa. When the rest of your living room is neutral tones and wood grains, you can definitely afford to add a little floral pattern in your couch. (via Urban Outfitters)

Coffee Table

Light wood coffee table

When looking for furniture for your Shabby Chic living room, you want to find all the rustic wood you can get if you can’t build something yourself. This coffee table has all the elements of rough wood and simple lines to sit in front of your white linen couch. (via Shabby Chic)

Isla coffee table in white from IKEA

Spindle legs are always a good idea when it comes to Shabby Chic decor. IKEA has the perfect little round coffee table that will show off feminine simplicity at it’s finest. (via IKEA)

Wide plank coffee table

If your partner isn’t a fan of your Shabby Chic tendencies, meet them halfway with a rustic wide plank coffee table like this. It will fit in with the rest of your wood tones without seeming too delicate. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby chic table chest

Some people prefer a straight up chest as their coffee table. This piece will fulfill your coffee table chest longing but at the height of a normal coffee table. Plus, how can you not go for the drawers? (via The Bella Cottage)

Spindle leg coffee table

Beautiful and delicate, here’s a coffee table that will definitely add to your Shabby Chic decor without being too… much. The marble top keeps things modern while the spindle legs evoke feelings of tradition and home. (via Anthropologie)

Accent Chair

Shabby slip covered chair

If a chair could be the poster child of a style, this chair would be the poster child of Shabby Chic. It’s white slipcover is rumpled just right. It displays a long skirt and rolled arms. Basically, you need one of these for every room. (via Shabby Chic)

Leather Tirelle Occasional Chair

Let’s get French for a minute. The ornate style of this chair is just what your living room is looking for and the pastel leather seat and back will fit right in with the rest of your living room. (via Anthropologie)

Carlie Rattan Chair

You’ve most likely noticed that rattan is on trend right now. The good news, even rattan furniture will go with your Shabby Chic decor. Add a chair or two like this to your living room for the full effect of rattan glory. (via Urban Outfitters)

Flowers shabby chic armchair

If you thought IKEA was out of Shabby Chic treasures, think again. This lovely floral chair will go perfectly with a pastel or white couch and add that pattern pop that your living room has been looking for. (via IKEA)

Velvet tufted armchair

Velvet is a great fabric that will add variety among the linens and cottons in your living room. Try out this chair with the gorgeous tufted upholstery. (via Anthropologie)

Side Table

Abney Side Table

Remember that lovely spindle-legged and marble topped coffee table? You can find matching side tables! They even have an option for robin’s egg blue legs that will make a gorgeous addition to your living room. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby white side table

Looking for something a bit more classic? This side table almost looks like it came from your Grandma’s house, but better. And the shelves underneath are the perfect place for storage so you’ll always have a space for flowers. (via Shabby Chic)

MARYD ikea side table

The best part about these side tables is their ability to fold up. So if your living in a small apartment, these tables can be easily moved and even put away if needed. (via IKEA)

Magical Thinking Luna Rattan Side Table

I couldn’t resist adding another rattan piece. A round side table like this one will give your Shabby Chic living room some variety in shape, all while adding to your natural textures. (via Urban Outfitters)

Shabby mirrored side table

Have you ever been on the hunt for a side table that’s ornate and delicate and a little rustic with a vintage looking mirrored top? Well if you have, you’ve found that side table right here. (via The Bella Cottage)


Protected Teak Two Drawer Console

I saw this console and immediately imagined it in about five places in my house. It would make a lovely entryway table or the perfect place to hold your TV or even a great sofa table. So much opportunity here. (via Terrain)

Shabby wooden blanket ladder

If your Shabby Chic living room doesn’t have a blanket ladder, it isn’t complete. Sure, you could DIY it, or you could order this one that will be ready to hold your pastel woven throws as soon as it arrives. (via Urban Outfitters)

Shabby cabinet plus drawers

What’s not to adore about this cabinet? The top makes a lovely spot to display your vintage books and silk roses while the bottom can hold all your seasonal decor out of sight. (via IKEA)

Shabby storage barrel

Sometimes, you just need a big bin to throw stuff in. This galvanized storage barrel can hold pillows or firewood or toys or umbrellas… or basically anything else you need a bin for. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby bookcase cabinet

It takes time and effort to find that perfect vintage cabinet. But look no further than this one right here. It’s the perfect size to fit any space and comes with all the nicks and dings and peeling paint that marks a true antique. (via The Bella Cottage)

Wooden ladder shelf

It’s a good idea in Shabby Chic decorating to think about spaces for houseplants. A ladder shelf like this one will make a great addition to your living room and give you plenty of surface space for all the plants you could ever want. (via Urban Outfitters)

Shabby mirrored bookcase

There’s always a need for one quirky piece in your space. A piece that catches the eye and brings personality to the room. If there was a bookcase that could do that, this one would be it. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby teak cabinet

Have you ever thought of putting a wardrobe in your living room? You might find it’s a great idea for storing extra throw pillows or hiding your TV or creating a workspace that can be closed away when you have guests. (via Terrain)

FABRIKÖR cream from ikea

There’s nothing like an apothecary cabinet. It’s the perfect place to keep houseplants away from cats and trinkets away from little fingers. You’ll enjoy filling that empty living room corner with this. (via IKEA)

Padma dresser

A dresser shouldn’t be confined to the bedroom. Especially a rustic white one like this. Loft apartment dwellers, consider adding this to your Shabby Chic space. Home owners, use it for toys and books for your kids. The possibilities are endless! (via Urban Outfitters)