See-Through Swimming Pools Reveal A World Full Of Surprises

Like everything else, swimming pools started out as a feature with a series of defined characteristics and purposes. With time, these changed and so did the design of the swimming pool. Nowadays a popular transformation features see-through swimming pools, with walls and floors that are transparent and which are taken advantage of in a lot of creative and interesting ways.

Backyard Devoto House by Andres Remy Arquitectos
Glass Swimming pool in Devoto House by Andres Remy Arquitectos
See Through Swimming pool Devoto House by Andres Remy Arquitectos
Wood Deck Swimming pool by Devoto House by Andres Remy Arquitectos
Kids jumping in the swimming pool

The idea of a swimming pool with walls you can see through is incorporated in a subtle way in the design of the Devoto House by Andres Remy Arquitectos. The house is located in Argentina and is complemented by a pool surrounded by wood-covered edges. One section located closest to the house is transparent revealing the underwater area.

Villa Midgård Swimming Pool
Concrete box swimming pool

The architects at DAPstockholm found a very interesting and unusual way of integrating the swimming pool into their design of the Midgard villa. The pool, in this case, is incorporated into a solid concrete box which has a large window. It’s a rather unexpected look which emphasizes the uniqueness of this project.

Duplex apartment in Athens, Greece - See Through pool

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up the dream of having your own swimming pool. It does, however, make things a lot more complicated. An idea can be to purchase an apartment when the building is during construction and still in the planning phase. That way you could ask for a swimming pool to be incorporated into its design. Check out the wonderful job Spacelab Architecture did when designing this duplex in Athens.

Sky garden house with swimming pool
Sky garden house with swimming pool design

The Sky Garden House can be found on Sentosa Island in Singapore. It was a project by Guz Architects. The team managed to offer their clients a wonderful way of enjoying nature by incorporating a series of gardens as well as a swimming pool connected to the house by a transparent wall.

Jellyfish House Elevated Pool Wiel Arets Architects
Jellyfish House Interior Pool View Wiel Arets Architects
Jellyfish House Glass Pool Wiel Arets Architects
Jellyfish House Elevated Pool Design Wiel Arets Architects

In the case of the Jellyfish House, the see-through swimming pool doesn’t have transparent walls but a transparent floor. The pool is situated on the rooftop, cantilevering over an open seating area. The transparent floor allows light to filter through the water, creating unique visual effects underneath. This was an inspiring project by Wiel Arets Architects.

Shaw House Swimming Pool Patkau Architects
Shaw House Swimming Pool Design Patkau Architects

The Shaw House by Patkau Architects explores a similar design concept. The residence is located in Vancouver, Canada and has an amazing swimming pool placed abovea transitional area. The pool has a see-through bottom which means that, even though the space below it has no windows or openings, the light still manages to be a part of its design.

Spanish holiday home with glass swimming pool

Architecture studio 123DV designed this holiday home in Marbella Spain. The house was designed mostly as an entertainment structure, featuring a home cinema, a roof terrace, a large wine cellar as well as an infinity pool encased in transparent walls. The pool’s design turns it into a stand-out feature, allowing it to be eye-catching in a rather simple way.

Concrete Swimming Pool With Glass Windows
Riverhead House Swimming Pool

The Riverhead House was designed by Hamlet Projects. It is a stunning private residence located in New Zeeland, with panoramic views over the surrounding landscape. The house’s swimming pool was partially built into the hillside. Its front section opens onto the courtyard and exposes itself through a series of glass panels into were inserted into the pool’s walls.

Thornbury Project Swimming Pool
Thornbury Project Top View Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a stand-out feature in the case of the Thornbury Project as well. For this residence, Enkipools designed a raised swimming pool with a clear acrylic wall on one side which allows one to see straight into the pool. Further more, the pool features a pond which wraps around it, forming a zen design throughout.

Haus KL Design by Lynx Architects
Haus KL Design by Lynx Architects Pool
Haus KL Design by Lynx Architects Glass
Interior Haus KL Design by Lynx Architects

Haux KL was a project by Lynx Architects and it too has a stunning swimming pool meant to impress. The pool is incorporated into the shell of the house and exposes itself to the interior spaces through a transparent wall. This detail reveals the gorgeous play of light and shadow inside the water and makes this image a part of the interior design as well.

Brates Lake residential Pool
Brates Lake residential Pool Fun
Brates Lake residential Pool Deck

The Brates Lake residential complex found in Galati, Romania, offers four different types of homes, with surfaces ranging from 190 to 480 square meters. One design features a residence with a cantilevered swimming pool facing the back yard. The pool connects to the exterior through a transparent glass wall.

Laucala Island Resort Swimming Pool

The best way to enjoy a see-through swimming pool is when there’s also a majestic view or when you’re surrounded by mesmerizing landscape. This is usually the case with exotic resorts and hotels. At the Laucala Island resort the guests can enjoy a lagoon pool and a lap pool surrounded by a shallow pond with which it connects through a glass wall.

The Joule Dallas hotel

The Joule Hotel in Dallas offers one of the most impressive swimming pool designs. Renovated in 2007, the hotel features a swimming pool which is partially extended outward, cantilevering from the building in a way similar to a balcony. A transparent wall reveals unique views of the city.

Aedas hotel indigo hong kong
Glass pool cantilevers in Hong Kong
Glass pool cantilevers in Hong Kong Aedas

A similar design approach was used in the case of Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong. The hotel has a swimming pool hanging from the building. The pool is an extension of the hotel, being the only cantilevered element. Here, at the top of the building, the views are exquisite, especially when enjoyed from this one-of-a-kind swimming pool. This was a project by Aedas.

Sky Bottom Swimming Pool in London
Sky Bottom Swimming Pool in London Top View

The Embassy Gardens Legacy Buildings are two apartment blocks planned for completion in 2017 in London. They are developed by Ballymore Group and will be linked by a 25 meter long swimming pool with a see-through frame. It will be five meters wide and three meters deep and it will allow residents to swim between the buildings. An additional bridge will also be available for the same purpose.