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Rug Under Dining Table – What Size Do I Need

A rug under the dining room table has been a controversial subject for years. Do rugs belong under the dining room table? The answer isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no” to the general public because for that to be the case, we’d all have to agree. 

Rug Under Dining Table

There are many reasons why people say they do and many reasons why people say they don’t. The debate will likely go on for decades more, but before it does, let’s break it down a little more and look into both sides. 

What Is A Rug Under Dining Table?

A rug under a dining table is a picture you see in different eras. In some eras, it was unspeakable not to have one and in others, it was unspeakable to have one. Another reason it can be hard for us to decide who to follow.

A rug under the dining room table is still quite common today. In most cases, rugs are rectangular and match the decor of dining rooms. Some think it is easier to keep the dining room clean this way, others say it is more difficult. 

Others say it makes a dining room look cluttered others say it makes a dining room look cozy. Some say it’s a design statement others say it’s a big no-no. Do you get the picture yet? No one can agree on this simple design choice! 

What Size Rug For Dining Room?

What Size Rug For Dining Room

Now, let’s start off with the size of rug that is most common for dining room tables just in case you want to cut to the chase. If you’re a firm believer in using a rug under the dining table then here’s what you need to know.

The main thing you need to consider is the size of your table. Since there is a wide range of table sizes, we’re going to use a table that is 3×5 and seats about six people. In this case, we need a rug that accommodates a 3×5 table.

As a general rule, add 3 to 4 feet to each measurement. This would be 6×8 minimum. This means that the rug needs to be at least 6×8 feet. So 8×10 would be the perfect dining room rug and would and leave extra room to extend past both the sides and ends. 

You’ll also need to consider if you need padding under the dining room rug. If so, felt pads are a good, versatile option.

Fixing Problems With Rugs Under Dining Table

With and without rug under dining tableView in gallery

If you are struggling with making a properly fitting a rug under dining table, then there are a few things you can do. These are the most common problems people face with rugs and dining room furniture. 

Round Table

With and without rug under dining tableView in gallery

This one may seem obvious but the best bet for making a rug work with a round dining room table is to get a round rug. Make sure that you add a few feet in diameter for the rug. So if your table is 4 feet, make sure the rug is at least 7 feet. 

Don’t double the table dimensions to get the rug size as this can overwhelm it. Instead, go with just a few feet more but never more than double. Ignore the dining chairs. As long as they can slide out comfortably, then it will be fine.

Dining Chairs And Rugs Collide

Chairs And Rugs CollideView in gallery

If you are getting frustrated with a chair that just won’t stay on the rug. Or if the rug keeps folding up when you move the chairs, there are a few things you can do. You can either get a stiffer, larger rug or try another option. 

One thing you can do is replace your chairs with benches. Benches are perfect dining room furniture for this because they will naturally keep the rug in place. Plus, it will look much cleaner because you won’t need to keep the chairs lined up all of the time.

Table Too Long 

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This is a problem that happens a lot, especially with a new table. The table is too long and the rug is too short. This can happen often because dining tables vary in size, with some of them having inserts that make them longer for special occasions. 

But rugs are usually one size and are twice as long as they are wide. To get around this, you can put two rugs down or you can get a runner, which is a long and narrow rug. Just make sure the rug is indeed wide enough to have the table and chair legs on the rug.

Not Enough Space

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This happens. You want a rug under the dining table but getting one takes up too much space or makes your dining room look cramped. But there is a way to take care of both of these things with one simple trick.

If you have an island, take it out and replace that island with a dining room table. This is perfect for small spaces that can’t accommodate a dining room and an island space. So take one out and give the space good flow. 

Amazing Dining Room Table Rugs Online

If you know that you want a rug but aren’t sure which new rug to get, here are a few options that are tried and true. These few options can be purchased online and shipped to your home before you know it.

Kelly Clarkson Sand Rug

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This rug is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a sandy look for their wood floor. Because of the color, it works well with a beachy vibe, a farmhouse vibe, or a modern vibe. That’s the magic of this color.

If you haven’t looked into Kelly Clarkson’s furniture and decor on Wayfair, now is the time. Her designs are unique and are easy to fall in love with. So check the entire collection out and be excited for more to come. 

Mindi Abstract Cream

With and without rug under dining tableView in gallery

This grey and cream rug is simple in all the right ways. You can get it in multiple sizes, including round sizes for your round tables. It also has a low pile, perfect for an eating space. If you’re not sure about dining room rugs but want to give it a try, this is a good starter rug.

That’s because it is neutral and hardly noticeable. You can make this new rug work for any design and any space. If you don’t use it as a dining room rug or find out it isn’t working for you, then switch it to a different room.

Lucienne Geometric Rug

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This Lucienne rug comes in many different colors with slightly different designs. The rug is just complicated enough for those who want something busy and just sleek enough for those who love clean lines. It goes really nicely with a wood floor.

It really can be the perfect rug for any interior style. Each color is just different enough to appease those who aren’t into the more colorful options. Yet there are enough options for those who want to go with something bold. 

Andover Mills Burgundy Rug

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If you want the traditional dining room rug in red, this is your rug. It was designed to be perfect for a lot of different people and different spaces. There is magic in this specific rug and it doesn’t take a design expert to see it.

When you imagine an old-fashioned dining room in a high-end dining area, this is probably what you would imagine. These patterned rugs will never go out of style so you can keep on passing it down as an heirloom item.

Lahaina Floral Rug

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This rug isn’t traditional nor is it simplistic. It’s a middle-ground rug for dining room tables with a unique pattern. The floral pattern is bold yet the neutral-colored options ensure it can fit into other design styles. 

Depending on the color you choose, you will have a different design. Get the whole set and have them all over your house. Getting the same patterned rugs in different colors is a new way to combine designs and make them work.

No Rug Under Dining Table

No Rug Under Dining TableView in gallery

Rugs under dining room tables can look really good. But so can leaving the rug out and letting your gorgeous floors shimmer and shine. This isn’t the traditional way but it is the modern way to decorate your dining room. 

Now, this is always an option. Just because rugs under dining tables are trending, doesn’t mean that you need to have one under your table. In fact, sometimes breaking barriers and trends is what creates the new trend.

You could be a forerunner in the newest trend when it comes to interior design. Who knows! Maybe that new trend is a new type of rug or no rug at all. You won’t know until it happens, so go with your own flow.

Owning Your Choice

With and without rug under dining tableView in gallery

No matter what you choose to do, own it. Choose the best dining room rug and make it work by using it with confidence. Accept the fact that not everyone will love your choices, but help the process by appreciating others who chose the other option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How big should a dining room rug be?

A dining room rug should be about three to four feet longer and wider than the dining table. Designers say that you need about 18 to 24 inches on each side of the table. Keep this in mind when calculating what size rug for dining room. This is so that people can slide the chair out and back under the table without getting hung up on the edge of the rug.

Should you add a rug under your dining room table?

The answer is it depends. In general, people fall into one camp or another: those who like a rug under the dining table and those who do not. If you’re trying to decide, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is the amount of space that you have available. If you can’t accommodate a rug of the proper size, it’s better to skip it.

Next, remember that a quality rug is an expensive investment, so budget is a concern. Finally, take into account the style of the dining room as well as the practicality of a rug. If you have small children, a rug under your dining room table might not be the best option.

How far should a rug be from the wall?

In most cases — even in a dining room — you want at least six inches between the end of the rug and the wall.  You should account for this gap when calculating whether the correct size rug will fit in your dining room.

Can you put a rectangular rug under a round table?

A rectangular rug is not really a good choice for a round table. Of course, a round rug can be very expensive. A better option is a square rug that extends generously past the table dimensions. 


If you think that rugs are dirty and too busy, then go without a rug. But still, compliment those who chose a rug. The same goes for the other way. If you think rugs are gorgeous and traditional, then choose one.

Just don’t let it affect your view on those who chose to go without a rug. It’s all about personal preference. You can make either look amazing. All you need is a little creativity and the right furniture for your space.