Red Leader Bookshelf by Ezri Tarazi

Specialists have counted all the military conflicts all over the world in the last six hundred years and they came to the conclusion that there was no total peace all over the world for at least a year. There would be a at least a small war somewhere on Earth. So I guess some of us, especially the ones involved without their will in the fight, got sick and tired of the war and all the horrors and bad things it brings. So they protest against war and violence, each with their own means. For example Ezri Tarazi is an Israeli designer who chose to use art as a way of expressing his feelings towards this topic. So he organized an art exhibition in Tel Aviv, exhibition that will be open to the public until Mach 2011.

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His exhibition is called Kalab , meaning close to home and it houses many of his works. The exhibits are pieces of furniture that are made from army and military supplies that were recycled and given a new use. For example this amazing Red Leader bookshelf is made of empty ammo boxes made of wood , plus some iron and paint. It’s not hard to guess the symbolism hidden under the shelf’s name. I consider it admirable and an example for the world that you can use bad and ugly things to make a great and nice thing in the end.

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